Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Frozen Yoghurt Menchie’s With Beach View

there are a few awesome ice-cream shops around JBR (jumeirah beach residences) but none of them a complete frozen yoghurt place, until ‘menchie’s opened just around the corner at ‘the beach’ JBR near the cinema.



the theme color of the whole place is so attractive and really inviting. sweet pink and fresh green!



if you’re used to make-your-own-cup of frozen yoghurt (my favorite is tutti fruti, click here for my review) then you don’t need further instructions! i love that they have a lot of choices from plain yoghurt, the classic chocolate to all sorts of fruity flavors.




* * *



and of course, you’re presented with an eye-popping toppings of sorts – all kinds of nuts, chocs and marshmallows and gummi bears. you take your pick! just remember, like at tutti frutti, you PAY for what you TAKE, after the weigh-in.




* * *



and oh my – syrup for the taking! take all you want! the idea of peanut butter was a bit iffy to me. does it go with frozen yoghurt?



my youngest boy kazim enjoying his big cup of menchie’s frozen yoghurt. VERDICT : with cute color combo, excellent location and wide choice in flavors and toppings – to me, menchie’s frozen yoghurt itself was NOT good. why? there are icy bits. plain and simple. the frozen yoghurt was not silky smooth. it’s got frozen bits and just unpleasant in the mouth. sorry menchie’s, but i will stick to tutti frutti or pinkberry. click here to read about my comparison between yogen fruz and pinkberry. i compare on prices and choices of toppings but both fro-yo is of excellent quality. delicious!

unlike in menchie’s!



did i tell you about the excellent location? i mean, just look at that view! more than words!



me enjoying my mediocre frozen yoghurt with my boy kazim. i hope it was just a glitch that day for menchie’s frozen yoghurt to be THAT unpleasant. because it’s just walking distance from my place, and with the awesome location, i might just drop by to give it another chance.

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