Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tourism Malaysia Event @ Dubai with Tourism Minister Dato' Seri Nazri Aziz

when you live overseas away from kampung halaman malaysia tercinta, any malaysia-themed event is exciting. the crowd, the feel and especially the food! ‘celebrating 1malaysia truly asia’ is the tagline, an event organized by tourism malaysia in dubai, promoting our beautiful nation to the eyes (and pockets) of the arabs! kihkih.

i was so ready for the food and the song and dance!



me in batik sarong selempang across my chest and mr khairul in batik sarong folded like a tanjak. i think he looks so adorably pahlawan-like. well, pahlawan in a suit! we didn’t come like that – everyone who came for the event got these complimentary batik! with only one rule – you must wear them like this! haha.



this was earlier when we just arrived and mr. khairul browsing batik.



awesome photobooth outside the hall where people can get their picture taken against the backdrop of tourism malaysia, and then get that picture printed for you FOC to take home as souvenir. cool!



pretty dancers awaiting the arrival of tourism minister dato seri nazri aziz.



inside the ballroom before dato seri nazri aziz arrived. behind me, in colorful baju melayu johor; a fantastic band of traditional musicians belting out classics. oh the atmosphere was amazing with songs like ‘joget pahang’ and many more traditional songs. feels like home! so festive!



the crowd started to pour in while we waited for dato seri nazri aziz. seats and tables began to fill up and we were just so excited to watch the show. but first, lemme take a picture huhu.



the incomparable mahadzir lokman was the MC, and that’s when i know this is one HUGE event that malaysia is bringing to dubai! no matter how long he’s in the business, and how many thousands of events he has done, mahadzir lokman was still very relevant and fresh, highly entertaining, very professional yet can still steal a few cheeky moments to joke with the crowd. he is truly malaysia’s best master of ceremony!


IMG_9030 IMG_9032

tourism minister of malaysia, dato seri mohamed nazri aziz. promoting malaysia to the arabs. hmm, not enough arabs hanging around suria klcc and pavilion in the summer, eh!




i only have a few pictures, and it SO doesn’t do justice to the myriads of colorful shows, wonderful dances and costumes, and catchy songs presented on stage. i was SO very proud to be a malaysian. to come from this humble country that is truly ASIA. we are so rich in history, culture and customs. there are so many things to see, enjoy and appreciate for the tourists.



on the big screen next to the stage, was a description of the dances presented on stage, not only for the benefit of the foreigners watching, even for this particular malaysian as well! i’m learning too especially the dances from sabah and sarawak. amazing malaysia!


we were also shown a breathtaking video ‘the essence of asia’ with a beautiful background song by our very own malaysian singer yuna. such an engaging clip showcasing mesmerizing sights of malaysia, and the beauty that is calling world travellers to visit. yuna’s dreamy voice just brings out the best in each shot. the whole video is so hauntingly beautiful; making me feel so so proud to live in such a beautiful place. i was even stealing glances at the non-malaysians and pak-pak arab to catch their reaction watching the video. so proud! click here to watch the video.

the video, promoting ‘visit malaysia year 2014’ also won the prestigious gold award for promotional travel video under the marketing media category.


* * *



hmm…lawa tie!”


oh, did you know that tourism minister of malaysia dato seri nazri aziz is a proud product of the malay college kuala kangsar? the unofficial rep of MCOBA (malay college old boy assoc) dubai hehe mr khairul donned the sacred mckk maroon tie to the event and had a small reunion with this famous old boy, along with another koleq old boy in dubai bro nizalman. 



mckk old boys : dato seri nazri aziz v71, bro nizalman v90 and kay v96



with tourism malaysia dubai director mr mohamad taib ibrahim, mr khairul, dato seri nazri aziz and malaysian ambassador to UAE dato anwar adnan.


* * *



the final number ends with a bang! i was thoroughly entertained. amazing, amazing show! the talented all-smiling dancers represented beautiful malaysia really well. *standing ovation* (lepas buat show ni depa sume mesti pakat pi dubai mall shopping kan. koman-koman pi naif borong abaya kihkih).



the dancers with mahadzir lokman. malaysia, truly ASIA.


Anonymous said...

eh, petronas new head honcho pun budak koleq kan?

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Lilas Tourism said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful post . It is important and very useful, and the articles are nice to share everyone.
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