Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pajama Party & Storytelling @ Kahfi’s School

every year the school organized a storytelling session, and the kids come to school in their pajamas. adorable! cant get any cuter than that? it can! they were also asked to bring a favorite plush toy. so kahfi brought his favorite stuffed toy, those monster fly-buddies we get complimentary when we fly emirates.

(yes, kahfi, if you’re reading this when you’re 20, you once HAD a favorite fluffy toy. he was yellow and weird looking, and you call him puppet. once kazim spilled milk on it, you were upset and asked mak to wash it. i just threw it in the washing machine – its faced was splat against the clear washing machine lid, and looked really creepy. haha. and yes, you sleep with that yellow, pink-nosed puppet. true story.)



kahfi wore his favorite buzz lightyear pajamas and his favorite fly-buddy.




the teachers collaborate and staged a cute, simple story of the gingerbread man. there were a lot of repetitive lines from the story so that when the kids do it, they can easily memorize the lines. after the kids had their turn trying out the short play, it was the parents’ turn! most parents were reluctant – ye lah, mesti la malu-malu sikit, takkan nak melompat terus kan haha. however, i always tell khaleef and kahfi to participate actively in class – put up your hand, ask questions, be the first to answer, be part of the conversation – so i immediately volunteered, to prove my point. get in there, moms! get involved, dads!

walk the talk!



..and so i was the moo cow. mooooo~ hihi




* * *



parents can also enjoy the stories. naturally, most of them busy snapping photos. haha.




this is a fun initiative by the school because 1) the kids can enjoy an evening of story-telling, 2) they can watch their teachers in a lighter environment acting out the story of gingerbread man, 3) they have fun with friends in a more casual setting, and later act of the gingerbread man together, and of course 4) parents had the chance to goof off and put a smile on the children’s faces when it’s the moms and dads’ turn to act!

also, there was a fee to join this storytelling session, and all the proceeds go to charity. kudos to the school!

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