Friday, May 9, 2014

New Wallpaper at Bait Al Karam Mandi Restaurant

this is one of mr khairul’s favorite mandi places to get madfoon meat mandi. absolutely delicious and juicy. we always frequent this restaurant in discovery gardens because it’s the closest place to get mandi rice from our home. i’m happy to report that they revamped the place and now it looks so wonderful and more authentically yemeni!

click here to read my first review of the bait al karam mandi restaurant, and see the difference on their wall!



they added a beautiful wallpaper on the wall depicting sana’a, the capital of yemen. notice the unique identity of yemeni architecture – brown building blocks with white borders. simply beautiful. almost like gingerbread cookies with sugar lining.





sigh. yemen is so beautiful. the birth place of my favorite mandi rice. it has got character. lucky mr khairul. he has been there a few times already! may Allah protect this beautiful historical nation!




just look at that adorable building with red bricks and white borders! like a doll house! taken during one of mr khairul’s trip to yemen in 2013.




* * *



the wall decor changed, but the food is as good as always, and the staff there are always so friendly and helpful. bait al karam remains our favorite haunt for mandi rice in the discovery gardens area!

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