Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother’s Day @ The Counter : Build Your Own Burger!

there’s a new burger place in walking distance at the beach JBR (jumeirah beach residences), and what better day to try it out than on mother’s day? thanks so much honey cookiedough for the delicious treat. if you feel i deserve it, it’s just because i have your help in my journey through motherhood. love always!

the counter is closer to the cinema, the same row as menchie’s and eggspectation.



my love and life. 3 superkids to call me Mak, and a sexy sidekick by my side through it all. mwah!



i was given a straightforward form to fill in – no frills, just a long list and little boxes to tick in. what kind of toppings i would like? what kind of bun i would want my burger on? preferred sauce? and most baffling of all – which cheese? cheese i’ve never even heard of like sharp provolone, smoked gouda, or tillamook cheddar whaaaaat?! to the usual ones like mozzarella, swiss cheese or blue cheese. just pick one CHEESE!



tekun mengisi borang macam nak apply keja. huhu. and we were dining outside with the view of a small part of JBR.



kids get a placemat with activities. always a saviour.



the form that i need to fill was even presented on a clip board! btw, burger on an english muffin? and 24 different sauces? wow! and peanut sauce?



cute little pencils available at the table to fill in the form


* * *




and after contemplating so long, THIS was the result! my juicy 1/3 beef burger with tillamook cheddar, organic mixed greens, segedabak avocado, and basil pesto sauce on the side. i must say that while the concept of building your own burger is very attractive, and all the ingredients are fairly fresh – i was not too wow-ed by the taste of the burger patty. it was just plain. tasty, yeah sure but no wow factor. for me, it tasted like any frozen beef burger i can buy from geant. pity.



apart from the built-your-own-burger bit, they also have burgers in their menu that has already been assembled! mr khairul opted for a simple one – beef burger on brioche style bun, with crispy onion strings, lettuce blend, sautéed mushroom, provolene cheese, ripened red tomatoes and sun-dried tomatoes vinaigrette. he too found the taste of his burger ‘regular’. it’s simply – OK.


* * *


at the end of our experience at the counter JBR, we feel that it’s all anti-climax. well, yes the staff were courteous and helpful. yes the concept is so inviting when you know you can build your own burger; picking only the stuff that YOU like. and oh yes the burger looks juicy with fresh ingredients – but after a bite, it’s JUST ok. it’s a good burger, but there are others much better! in terms of tasty burger patty, burger fuel is still my number one pick. to me burger fuel has the best tasting burger patty! click here to read about my first taste of burger fuel!

but for a burger-freak, a regular burger is still a yummy experience for my tummy, so thanks again honey cookiedough for this mother’s day dine out. i literally couldn’t have done it (and the kids) without you! nyeh nyeh.

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