Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pirate Adventure Maths Day @ Kahfi’s School

i applaud the school’s initiative to create fun themes when they organize english day or science day – and the did a good job having a pirate-themed maths day at school. i can see the kids totally enjoyed dressing up like pirates, holding their own treasure box with stuff inside to count!  



my little pirate kahfi. the pants has holes on the knees, so i just cut them off, and cut frills below the pants to give him the tattered pirate look! tie up my pashmina around his waist and voila! captain jack ‘kahfi’ sparrow! left the eye patch and parrot on the shoulder though!



i made him his treasure box, and printed out a few ‘money’ and also threw in some gold candy wrappers! looks authentic la kan haha.



i brought kazim along as the maths activities can certainly appeal to him too. there were many ‘stations’ all around the school, and each station addressed different types of maths problem – add and subtract, counting, puzzles and money transactions. i love it! parents can guide the children to various stations and play along with them. so no particular station was ever crowded and every activities went smoothly.


 IMG_9340 IMG_9336

owh the boys had fun with this one – making pizza! count the number of pepperoni (red), cheese (yellow) or veggie (green) that you need, and then use glue to stick them on your pizza! (what’’s the blue color for i wonder?)


IMG_9344 IMG_9345

‘how many legs do two beetles have?’ is just one of the many questions printed on a laminated card on the table. most stations have these cards that students can read by themselves and try to figure out. it’s fun!



how many beads do you need for a 20cm string?


 IMG_9368 IMG_9371

there was a puzzle station too. time yourself and see how fast you can complete the puzzle! kazim loves puzzle and he’s quite fast. he can concentrate well and just do the job. kahfi…haha kahfi is a bit impatient when it comes to puzzle. once stumped and unable to find a fitting piece he would just call it a day!



‘how long did you take to finish the puzzle?’ and even a sand timer is set on the table to keep you on your toes!



do you wanna make a pirate hat? kids learn to follow instructions, step by step.



my little pirates. kazim was not too happy with his pirate hat because it’s just made of folded newspaper. haha.



the end of pirate adventure maths day. we had fun! next maths day, lets do a business theme for kids dress up in little suit and tie, and three-piece suits for the girls. gonna be adorable!

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