Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sumo To Go @ JLT

sumo is one of our most favorite japanese restaurants in dubai. very affordable price with big servings and of course, delicious food and excellent service. sumo opened a new branch in JLT (jumeirah lake towers) but called it ‘sumo to go’ as it caters more to the nine-to-five crowd who might want to eat something easy to take away or just want a quick bite.

click here for our first time at sumo, and click here to read about the pretty branch at jumeirah.



so sumo to go is different than other sumo branches – it has a self-service counter to make your order, and food is served on plastic container for easy ‘take-away’. no frills, just good food.



i got my usual favorite, the teriyaki chicken bento – charbroiled chicken glazed with sumo’s famous teriyaki sauce. the taste is consistently delicious in this small branch, however there’s something less satisfying dining in plastic containers rather than the bento box we’re so used to when we eat at other sumo branches. nothing to do with the taste – it’s just a feel. haha.



mr. khairul had HIS usual – the tempura bento; crispy shrimp tempura served with tempura soy sauce. also included is some chicken teriyaki too, and kimchi on the side.



my boys shared the usual order – the chicken katsu bento; breaded chicken cutlet served with sumo’s own tangy katsu sauce. crispy, juicy as always.



the miso soup here is served in plastic containers like everything else, and i know it’s more than if it’s served in a small bowl!




* * *



when we asked for extra plate – so pretty! hihi.



‘sumo to go’ is perfect for – well – people on the go, who wants food, to go! like i said, the quality of food is the same, but i think atmosphere-wise, we will stick to our favorite branch in dubai media city anytime we want a taste of japanese food from sumo. sumo in JLT (jumeirah lake towers) is at cluster C.

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