Monday, May 26, 2014

Seafood @ Aprons & Hammers With Old UIA Mate

i love a good old fashioned fish and chips. no frills. just plain batter-fried fish & chunky fries, with extra tartar sauce. and when i know aprons & hammers is open near my place at the beach JBR, i set it as a reunion spot with an old friend from my university days. welcome to dubai, peeja!

aprons & hammers is a seafood restaurant at the beach JBR, amongst the cheesecake factory and burger place shake shack.



we havent seen each other since forever! she’s still the same bubbly peeja i know from back then. it was easy to fall back into conversation with her as we both so talkative! haha. another friend of ours iky and syaz joined later. peeja had known the couple since way back, and i knew them while living in dubai. small world, eh!



eating outside would be so awesome with the sea view, and fresh air – but we wanted a cosy space indoor.



funny peeja – cant decide what to eat! the were wide range of seafood dishes to choose from – fish, shrimp, clams, even soups and salad – take your pick! there’s even paella – the spanish dish comprised of fried rice and a spread of seafood all together in a big plate.



oh i cant over how cute the name of the restaurant is – aprons & hammers. aprons coz when you eat lobster you’ll get comot. and hammers coz you need them when you pound your way into that juicy, succulent crab flesh! thus, aprons & hammers! there were even wooden hammers available on each table that looked more like a judge’s gavel used in court! haha.


IMG_9905 IMG_9906

i also love the decor – so youthful and fun! with visible light bulbs against a backdrop of greeneries flowing from above, all across one of the walls. somewhat a refreshing feel.



bro joy, peeja’s hubby the one cool dude and their adorable son feroz. too cheeky for words! notice the drinks station at the back, built to look like a makeshift container, ready to be shipped somewhere. raw and cool!



love the haphazard arrangement of the planks on the wall, with no apparent pattern. this would freak out those hardcore OCDs! but i love it! i would want it on my kitchen wall or something.


* * *



as usual, open our appetite with hot fresh buns. some people will look at this ‘one eye only’ hahaha but i LOVE complimentary breads! the BEST complimentary buns and bread i’ve ever eaten is at cheesecake factory. just gobble up and finish the black-colored bun – it’s SO good!



little feroz love fried calamari, so mummy peeja ordered this big plate. so take note that the portion is quite big so if you’re not too hungry or just looking for a light snack, this could be it! it’s classic crispy calamari, a big heap of tasty hand-breaded calamari with a tantalizing tartar sauce. i love fried calamari too, and these are freshly friend and SO good! not rubbery at all!



i took this good ol plate of gov’s fish & chips – fried in a classic batter, served with fried and tartar sauce. what can go wrong? fish too oily? batter too crumbly? nope. fish & chips at aprons & hammers is delicious! i personally prefer the batter rather than the bread-crumbs fish so this one is really satisfying! again, the portion is considerably huge so you can opt to share.



this is miami sunset fish fillet – dusted in crispy bread flakes; tender and crunchy on the outside. served with fries but bro joy opted for rice instead. sometimes you just cant take the rice out of someone's diet! hihi



and this glorious sight is the shrimp bucket. enough said. i don’t really like shrimps (except for tempura) but this bucket looks so tempting!



old friends & new friends. *hugs*


aprons & hammers is a rockin place to enjoy your favorite seafood with a wide selection of yummies to pick from. you can sit outside for the sea view and really take on the whole experience of munching shrimps or hammering crabs in front of the beach. otherwise, enjoy the cool decor and interior. best of all, not only is the food so delicious, but the large portion makes me so happy to come back for another seafood get together! 

aprons & hammers. the beach, JBR!

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