Friday, April 25, 2014

Majlis Bersama Rakyat : Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin @ Dubai

deputy prime minister of malaysia tan sri muhyiddin yassin spent an evening with malaysians in dubai over malaysian delicacies which includes nasi lemak daun pisang and such. this was not his first visit to dubai, and i myself have met him before when he joined paklah’s entourage to dubai in 2008. at that time, he arrived for the dinner much earlier than paklah and went around shaking hands. he was the one who approached the rakyat. he came from right behind me, and i was so surprised the it was tan sri muhyiddin yassin sneaking up behind to say hello. if you ask me, tan sri muhyiddin yassin is very approachable and all smiles! he’s alright!




the usual malaysian buffet spread – nasi goreng, meehon goreng, lauk-pauk, kambing tergolek and such!


IMG_7821 IMG_7827

nasik lemak daun pisang was the hot stuff that day!




* * *



meeting tan sri muhyiddin yassin was okay haha, but catching up with these msian in dubai ladies was even better! always fun berborak with these akak-akak, all pretty and dressed up for the occasion.



mr. khairul was exceptionally pleased to see the then MCOBA prez (malay college old boys assoc) tan sri mac v62. with them was otai dubai bro nizalman v90. and of course little adik khairul is v96. shared laughter and old tales. as usual. hmmph. huhu.



an excerpt from berita harian about DPM’s visit to dubai. can you spot mr. khairul in the front crowd? haha.

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