Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Youngest Boy is 4 : Happy Birthday Kazim!

I almost cannot face the truth that my youngest boy is already FOUR years old. man, how OLD am I, huh? hahaha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my gumuk busuk kazim!




I will remember with fondness of how easy it was delivering kazim – it was 3-4 days away from the due date, and I felt the labor pain as early as subuh. told my husband, and that morning we sent the big brothers khaleef and kahfi to kak zaida and abg imran’s house. so thankful! we went straight to al-wasl hospital (the best maternity hospital in dubai!) – and that noon kazim was already out. easy peazy lemon squeazy.

I remember on the hospital bed that afternoon, talking to mr. khairul to finally decide on his name. as usual I was always the one who thinks of names, shortlist about 3 names and present it to mr. khairul. he would have the final say. which K?

Kazim Khairul. کاظم.

penyabar. one who controls anger. restrainer. cool. that’s our youngest!



recently everyone had a homemade cake, including their dad. made chocolate cakes for kahfi and khaleef late last year. made marble cheesecake for mr. khairul last march…so naturally I had to make a cake for birthday boy. since he’s a fan of bananas, I made plain ‘ol banana cake – moist and delicious! (wonder who’s gonna bake ME a cake in june..)



birthday boy did all the ‘decorating’ – marshmallow stack and strawberry. basically whatever he finds appealing from the fridge. wanted to put cheese slices if he could but we stopped him before it’s too late haha.



the simplest cake ever! my very own banana moist cake. super yummy. mr. khairul can finish half of the cake in one sitting, I kid you not.



happy 4th to you lil kazim. the noise that brought merriment to our home!



this picture is taken exactly 1st april 2014, right around the time he was born. he was exactly 4 years old at this point in time. we just left anong & abang’s school for a parent-teacher meeting, and I was so glad I get to spend a day out with my birthday boy. their school is walking distance to the mall so naturally – mak’s treat for birthday boy at the mall!



kazim is goofy. cheeky. mischievous. mengada-ngada. so annoying, yet terribly cute. the thing is, I DON’T manja him more than his brothers just because he’s the youngest. they’re all equally annoying to me. haha. but I love you just the same!


(the fourth one had better be a girl – I’m running out of K names for boys! hahhahaha.)

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