Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holiday @ Danat Al-Ain Resort With an Awesome Pool!

we stayed in danat al-ain resort when we enjoyed wadi adventure last few weeks. it was obviously an old hotel, judging by the elevator alone – with its old-fashioned number buttons that you see in old malls in ipoh! haha.

but old is gold at times, and we had a wonderful time at danat al-ain resort, abu dhabi.




most importantly the boys were so excited to see the swimming pool – after the disastrous ‘splash pool’ experience at wadi adventure. they were so psyched to dive in!

there are 3 pools at danat al-ain hotel – an olympic-size pool, a cute kids’ pool with a slide, and another huge pool with differing depths throughout. I love the latter pool because even my younger kids can enjoy that huge pool because it’s not too deep. and it’s not too shallow for a full-grown man either – so all my boys could enjoy being in the same pool!




the room is comfy, spacious and clean. overall an enjoyable experience for us!


* * *



my boys having awesome pool time : kahfi in red floaties, kazim in blue float, and big bro khaleef in goggles.





the kids’ pool is small, but this makes it easier for the lifeguards to keep tabs on the kids. it also has a roof over it which is so helpful once the sun goes up!



goin up to use the slide




my boys made friends with this adorable boy ibrahim who has a lebanese mom and jordanian dad. he hung out with my boys the whole time. he was SO cute and chatty!

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