Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mandi Rice With Fries @ Madinat Zayed Al-Sha’bi Restaurant, Liwa

mandi rice served with with fries?

we were in madinat zayed, liwa – the largest town in al-gharbia – in the western region of abu dhabi, near rub al khali desert hangin out at a desert hotel ‘tilal liwa’. (click here for my post on ‘tilal liwa hotel’) we’re desperate for rice (orang malaysia musti mau makan nasi! haha) so we left the hotel and did some cruising around town.

it would seem like madinat zayed is a small town, but then we saw the big ‘city mall’ and stumbled upon this restaurant nearby. when you take risk like stopping in the middle of somewhere for lunch, you’d just hope and pray that the food is edible, if not good.

but the food at madinat zayed al-sha’bi restaurant is not only good – it’s mighty delicious! served with fries!




* * *


maidinat zayed al-sha’bi restaurant is very near ‘city mall’ at madinat zayed city. just drive around the area and you definitely will not miss this peach-colored building at one corner.





very spacious, clean and comfy. the seating area is very homely too.


* * *



we finally found mandi rice in liwa! the moment the big plate came we were salivating. looks GOOD! also, it’s unusual to see mandi rice served with potato fries and mixed veggie together so we were very curious too. interesting, and it works, because I love fries!



the grilled chicken is absolutely delicious. well marinated and grilled to perfection – leaving the chicken still tender and juicy on the inside.



one of mr. khairul’s favorite meat style is madfoon – which is cooked in layers of aluminum foil to hold all the delicious juices. once its unwrapped, you can bet its aroma hits you right up the nose and into your grumbling tummy! tantalizing!



delicious meat madfoon unwrapped~



served with fattoush salad~


mandi rice is served with a plate of veggie. some mandi restaurant offers plate of just cucumber and rocket leaf; some has cut-up cabbages and carrots or lettuce.

now THIS is the best complimentary veggie ever because it’s my favorite fattoush salad – arabic salad made up of cut-up cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce and cabbage mixed with ‘sumac’ powder to give it the yummy sour taste. there’s usually toasted pieces of pita bread which is the ‘fattoush’ itself. though this fattoush salad is incomplete, it’s still in my top 5!




* * *





next time you’re in LIWA, western region of abu dhabi, try getting lost at madinat zayed and see if you stumble upon the madinat zayed al-sha’bi restaurant!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion kak.. nice to know u..

Bilal said...

what is the phone number of this restaurant..????

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