Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kazim Gets Birthday Pizza @ Sarpino’s Pizzeria, Dubai Marina

my pizza-freak boys demand pizza for birthdays – so for my youngest son’s 4th birthday, we got him a cheese pizza. naturally.



birthday boy kazim, his cheese pizza and the marina. awesome.


domino’s, papa john and pizza hut are already weekend pizza hahaha so we wanted a different pizza place, but closer to home. we didn’t want none of those super thin-crusted Italian pizza, which brings us to ‘sarpino’s pizzeria’, located next to the marina yacht club. in fact we actually walked inside the marina club, and took the stairs down and out. ‘sarpino’s pizzeria’ should be on your right.

it was a good choice. they had delicious pizza and a magnificent view. it was a great birthday dinner for kazim!



birthday boy and his brothers love nothing but cheese pizza, so we got them just that. the picture does not do justice to the delicious pizza crust – crispy outside, soft inside, plus generous toppings. I simply LOVE the crust, it’s exactly what I want a pizza crust to be. the texture is just a perfect combo of crispy-moist dough in my mouth.



for mak and bapak we got the ‘clasico italiano’ pizza – ‘loaded with pepperoni, turkey, onions, mushrooms, green and red peppers, and mozzarella cheese. doesn’t disappoint at all. delicious pizza all around.



I love it because of the thick crust that’s crispy outside and soft & moist inside. (one of my other favorite pizza crusts is the pizza at ‘california pizza kitchen’. check out my review here on our first visit there when the mall opened 24 hours!) other than the crust, I appreciate the generous toppings too! so thick and filled with yumminess. worth the affordable price!



birthday boys kazim enjoying his birthday pizza~



other than the pizzas, we also tried the ‘caesar salad’ – with ‘romaine and iceberg lettuce, sprinkled with parmesan cheese, topped with croutons and served with homemade caesar dressing’. mr. khairul and I are big fans of salad – and this one gets our approval. fresh and crunchy greens. on top of that we also got the creamy mushroom soup and that was just a really tasty, rich mushroom soup. yummy!



we had a most delicious experience at sarpino’s pizzeria – not only because of the satisfying pizza and beautiful view, but also the excellent service of the waiting staff – friendly, courteous and good with kids, I might add! haha. we would definitely come again!



the humble pizza place, ‘sarpino’s pizzeria’ at dubai marina



…and look at that view! well, this is our neighbourhood dubai marina. not bad to look at while munching pizza, eh?



that’s the marina yacht club at a distance


I dare say that I’ve finally found a great pizza place that’s 1) NOT domino’s, pizza hut or papa john, ( I know, I know – there are SO many pizza places all around dubai) but this one 2) does not have ridiculously expensive pizza with super thin crust yang tak pueh makan and 3) it’s at an awesome location – by the marina, near the marina yacht club, practically walking distance from our place.

I highly recommend ‘sarpino’s pizzeria’ for all pizza fans who want straightforward, delicious pizza with no frills but just good taste. the lovely view is a bonus. *wink*


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