Saturday, March 10, 2012

Plant a Seed, Save a Tree : The Lorax!

i love dr. seuss. his creative imagination gave birth to a host of wonderful stories and unforgettable characters. but what i love most about dr. seuss’ works are his rhymes. i LOVE his rhymes. so musical, so silly, so fun to read!

my boys have been reading (and being read to) the wonderful wacky world of silly rhymes from the imagination of dr. seuss. khaleef’s first book was ‘the cat in the hat’. so it’s just perfect to take them to see the latest animation to hit the cinema : ‘the lorax’.




‘the lorax’ is about a boy who lives in a world with plastic trees, where fresh air is sold in a bottle. to impress a girl who wants to see a real-living tree, he decides to venture out of his ‘perfect’ world, into the dark, polluted area to see the ‘once-ler’ who knew what happened to real trees. and so he told the boy the story of the truffula trees and the orange-furred creature who protects the truffula trees – the lorax.

the message of ‘the lorax’ is – what would happen to our world if industrialization takes over, the environment is ignored and nobody cares. “plant a new truffula, treat it with care, give it clean water, and feed it fresh air. grow a forest, protect it from axes that hack. then the lorax and his friends may come back.” i actually cried after the first truffula tree was cut down and all the animals put rocks around the dead stump. very sad.

i want a truffula tree in my living room!

taylor swift played the girl who wanted to see trees. her voice alone has more personality than kristen stewart’s acting in the whole twilight series! handsome zac efron did ok, but danny de vito was the one who steals the show. he was the real star. after all, he played the title character – the lorax!

i LOVE ‘the lorax’ character. he’s so cute and cuddly and looked so adorably grumpy everytime he’s upset. the creature ‘the lorax’ is described in the book as ‘shortish, and brownish, and oldish, and mossy, and he spoke with a voice that was sharpish and bossy.” – so who better to play the lorax than the funny danny de vito with the perfect ‘lorax’ voice!

that’s how creative dr. seuss is – instead of the typical woman-wearing-leafy wreaths-on-their head ‘mother nature’ reference to represent nature and environment, he created a new character which is short and orange with fuzzy moustache!

oh, and the songs in ‘the lorax’ are so infectious! from the first listen i was hooked, especially ‘how bad can i be’ – very rockin, and at the same time so sad listening to the ignorance in the lyrics.



* * *


kazim in 3D glasses


kazim got his own kiddy 3D glasses which are smaller than ours. it was certainly fitting and more comfortable that for the first time, he kept it on the whole way through the movie. kahfi should’ve gotten one too, since the one he wore were to big and kept sliding off everytime he leans against the seat (since his head is small and the frame is big).

we had to put our sweaters in a bundle and let him leaned on that to make him more comfortable.



on the way back waiting for their bapak to tapau food, the boys goofed around with their 3D glasses. *smile*


* * *


it’s a fun movie with vibrant colors, adorable characters (watch out for the humming fish – cute sangat!), with a valuable lesson – let’s care for the environment. highly recommended for your entertainment, and certainly would be educational for your young-ones.

“unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothings going to get better, it's not.” ~ dr. seuss, ‘the lorax’.


Iryani Noor said...

wahhh mcm best, kena tgk nih =p...
cute tgk kazim pakai spek tu..
kt sana 3D glasses boleh bwk balik ekk??

Syigim said...

iryani, mmg best! your kids will love the colorful trees and funny animals :)

3D glasses kena kasi balik, but dubai charged RM3 for 3D glasses, so kitorang bawak je balik!! hihi

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