Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Muppets, The Vow & The Grey

cute silly puppets called ‘the muppets’, cute loving couple in ‘the vow’, and cute not-at-all cuddly bad-ass wolves in ‘the grey’. take your pick.

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watch this movie :

  1. if you like those type of movie that incorporates animation with real humans, and puppets with real humans
  2. if you like a musical with a lot of meaningful songs and silly fun dance-numbers
  3. if you like kermit the frog
  4. and if you like jason segel

it’s simply an enjoyable family movie so just sit back and relax. let the little puppet dude tell you the story of how he saved the muppets.

the songs are most infectious, and had already won an oscar for best song, ‘man or muppet’. if you don’t already know, it’s because the little puppet dude and jason segel are, well, brothers, but one is a man, and one is a—oh, just go watch it already!



* * *



best on true events, ‘the vow’ is a story about a very loving newly-weds, who got involved in an accident – and the girl suffered severe brain injury that made her forget whatever happened in her life for the past 5 years – so she totally cannot remember he husband, or ever having met him.‎ so it’s sweet hunky husband’s job to patiently make her remember him and their lives together.

here’s where 'the vow' gets illogical. if i had just woken up from an induced coma from brain injury, and not remembering that i was married, only to discover that my husband was the super sweet oh-my-gawd hunky hot-bod channing tatum, i sure heck would try my best to remember!

but illogical aside, this is a really sweet, endearing movie about unconditional love. love that has no conditions, no rules, no only-if.

i don’t love you just because i want you to love me back. or love you only because you will never leave me. or love you only if you can remember all our anniversary dates. or love you only if you buy me stuff. this is love that runs deep, and will still be there, stronger than ever even if you NEVER get to be with that person. true love.

may all your love be unconditional and everlasting.



* * *



your take on this movie may depend on how well you respond to a story about plane crash, stuck in the middle of nowhere plus the disastrously heavy snow storm AND being hunted by a pack of bad-ass wolves.

me no-likey.

but i watched it just because of liam neeson. in this movie he is, as always, the hero who saved the day, comforts the dying, motivates the living, leads everyone else, and never dies. or not. or he does. or it’s anybody’s guess. i’m rambling. you just have to watch it to know what i mean.

the *fun* in watching these kind of movies is that you can’t help saying, “ha…berlagak sangat, kan dah kena!”, or “mesti dia next kena ni. confirm!”

the ending of ‘the grey’ will definitely stun you – and not necessarily in a good way. it either makes you go ‘woah. what. just. happened.” or, “is that it?” this is an interesting way to end a movie, and like i said, if you like disaster movie about survival of the fittest in very trying weather, watch this. if you have a better choice, i say you can pass this one. even better, go back and watch ‘the way back’. lagi bagus.



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i haven’t watched ‘the artist’ yet!

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