Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kick, Run, Jump @ Al Safa Park

sandstorm occurs almost everyday now, but alhamdulillah last saturday was an exception. weather was nice. cool breeze in the air. sky is blue. the sun is peeking out. not so hazy. grab the moment and go do something outdoorsy!

so we went to al safa park. al safa park is one of the many beautiful parks in dubai. it covers a HUGE area with 3 lakes, huge games area, sports area (courts and fields), picnic and barbeque area and even a small forestry area – in the middle of the desert! good effort by the dubai goverment!


* * *

entrance to the park is dhs3 per adult, while the kids go in for free



as usual, local culture dictates that there should be a day put aside, or a special section JUST for the women and children – and here in al-safa park there is a ‘ladies garden’ too with fences and special entrances where ladies can have their own privacy jogging or watching their kids play without the interference of male strangers.


khaleef played football with coach bapak non-stop


al safa park is REALLY HUGE, but we’re there only to play football – and let the boys run WILD! there are no green grassy fields nearby our place, so this is the time to let them blow off steam – and let loose!

..and they really did go WILD and run run run!



my eldest khaleef has always been interested in football since he’s old enough to run and kick. really. once he started walking and running, he’s already kicking footballs. now kazim is displaying the same interest at 23months old. that little dude can really kick and run!

but kahfi? interestingly, we noticed that kahfi did not have the same drive to run and kick! here we are, in the presence of THREE boys, and you can see them developing as individuals already.  only khaleef and kazim were busy kicking the ball to each other, while kahfi stood on the side admiring the play area.

“mak, playground, mak? please, please, please!”



we shall explore other sports that you might be interested in kahfi, and if you don’t like ANY sports, that’s okay too. there are so many ways to stay healthy and have fun!


* * *


the park is so big that there is a train going round and round the whole area so that you can reach the far end of the park without the hassle of walking.


kazim wanted to climb this tree! hihi


beautiful. if you can squint, you can see the world’s tallest building burj khalifa in the background right in the middle. awesome sight. siap ade burung-burung berterbangan di langit biru lagi. and that’s my little kazim on the right side. hihi.


al safa park is a really awesome place for family get-together, friends reuniting, or a romantic stroll within the lush greeneries. definitely was a great day for us and the boys.

click here for more awesome shots of the beautiful al safa park.


Liz Rohaizat said...

cantiknya tempat tu! memang sesuai nak bawa family beriadah kat sana.

bagus bila ada taman khas untuk ladies. kdg2 segan bila lelaki memandang masa kita jogging. ada yang pandang biasa je.. tapi yg luar biasa tu buat kita tak senang hati.

betul cakap akak. eventhough kahfi tak minat football (atau mungkin any sport), ada banyak benda lain dia boleh cuba. don't worry. kita as parents beri je dia masa utk explore apa yang dia suka.

Affieza said...

Seronoknya ank2 akak berlari-lari...hehe

i amsterdam said...

seronoknya berlari tak perlu risau pijak p**p

Syigim said...

liz, parks in dubai are awesome! besa gile n mcm2 facilities! n especially sbb they really respect privacy of ladies. ye la makcik2 arab tu nk melepak susah pulak :)

Syigim said...

>> affieza, diorang lari lari lari non-stop! seronok skali skala dapat lepas.. ;)

>> i_amsterdam, alhamdulillah, no pets allowed in the park so xde nak risau benda2 tu.. hihi

Anonymous said...

bagus kaki ayam. biasakan diri macam budak kampung dulu2.


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