Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Do I Like the Japanese Dish @ Wagamama?

the signature dishes of ‘wagamama’ seemed to be japanese noodle dishes of ramen and soba. however, since i’m not into noodle dishes, i personally did not like the food-choice at ‘wagamama’. but that’s just me.

‘wagamama’ is a brit-originated food-chain serving japanese food. we’ve heard the famous name, and now it’s time to try it out.



we went to the one in JBR the walk. ‘wagamama’ JBR is at al-fattan towers, on the first floor of the al fattan shopping mall. walk in, take the escalator to the first floor and just follow the signs.


* * *

spacious, with open kitchen and long benches with red cushions. pretty nice place with minimum decor.


the coloring and writing activity for the kiddos on the kids’ menu. kept them occupied while waiting for our orders to come.


* * *


like i mentioned previously, ‘wagamama’ is probably more known for its noodle dishes – with ramen or soba noodles. i don’t really fancy soupy noodle dishes, that’s why it’s difficult for me to spot anything i really like from the menu. i finally settled on ‘teriyaki steak soba’ – and even THAT is a noodle dish, but i requested them to change it to rice.


the japanese white rice was steaming hot and soft, but the steak was a slight disappointment. i was hoping the steak to be piping hot, but it’s lukewarm. the marinade was pretty tasty, but the texture of the steak was less juicy than i expected. a bit dry. however, the teriyaki sauce with the taugeh (beansprouts) was delicious, and i don’t even like beansprouts!

overall, a so-so dish.


mr. khairul tried the ‘teriyaki salmon soba’, also changed to rice. he liked the salmon; the taste and the texture, but complained about the ‘hanyir’ feel. they should squeezed in a little lime juice to take away the uncomfortable taste. overall, also a so-so meal.


for the boys, we ordered the ‘mini chicken ramen’ from the kids’ menu. it’s noodles in vegetable soup with grilled chicken, carrots and sweetcorn. they DO do a good noodle dish, because THIS is quite a yummy one. kazim enjoyed it the most – the soup was hot and tasty, the grilled chicken were tender. good for the boys.


this is ‘chilli squid’. it’s deep-fried squid, seasoned with sea salt and shichimi (japanese chilli pepper). it’s served with a chilli, garlic and coriander dipping sauce. it doesn’t look THAT crispy, but it really is! a delicious dish that is simple, yet addictive!


a must-order miso soup. khaleef’s favorite.


* * *


ok, so do i like ‘wagamama’?

to start with, i don’t even really like japanese food. and secondly, i ONLY prefer to eat chicken katsu (deep-fried breaded chicken) whenever i do go to japanese restaurant, and here they serve it with some sort of japanese curry, which i don’t feel like experimenting on (since i’m not adventurous with food).

so – in conclusion, ‘wagamama’ will not be in my favorites list, but for those of you who love japanese noodles, i guess this is the place to get lots of choices.

for me, i’ll stick with ‘sumo’ – the best chicken katsu dish i’ve tried so far! click here to read more.

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