Friday, March 16, 2012

Briyani Birthday Party

we haven’t seen this lovely indian family for so long that i was surprised to see how much the kids have grown. i then fell into the cliched makcik-makcik comments of saying, “wah, you got so tall already! taller than your father i bet!” no wonder we got that all the time from elderly strangers when we were growing up! that’s the first thing they notice when they see us!

we were there at radha and sreeja’s home to join in the celebration of their daughter’s birthday, rajsree who turned 3 yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetheart!


ben10 buddies : their eldest son rahul, whom khaleef fondly calls ‘abang’ (brother)


our lovely hosts; sreeja & radha holding the birthday girl rajsree


from right : radha in white shirt, mr. khairul & a very smiley guest. hihi. radha is mr. khairul’s former right hand man, who still keeps in close contact even after he joined another company.


* * *

partying at an indian household means the main menu is unmistakably the delicious briyani rice! we really looked forward to eating briyani at radha’s as we know his wife sreeja makes really good homemade chicken briyani – original indian briyani!


…however, with a lot of guests coming and sreeja not feeling well – they simply ordered chicken briyani from a newly opened restaurant near their place. radha has a way of knowing good briyani when he sees one, and this one is another good bet because it’s really delicious!


they also ordered this spicy chicken dish that taste a little bit like our malay chicken rendang. it was really good and i took a lot! thanks sreeja for packing some for us to bring home!


also a must-have when you visit any indian restaurant – their fried chicken with special herb and spices. fried with onions and curry leaves. yummy.


roti canai pun ade! khaleef just ate the parotha (roti canai) with sugar.


indian’s food history is rich with milk-based desserts. seems like everything would be just a little bit sweeter with as much milk as they can add! this particular dessert is essentially sweet milk, with fideo pasta (really thin, short pasta) drowning in it. hihi. indian sweets have always been too sweet for me!


* * *


the kids had a great time hanging out at abang rahul’s new double deck bed and playing with his cousins. the parents of course had a great time chit-chatting and stuffing their tummies with delicious briyani and all the chicken dishes. excellent!

before we left, radha also had some presents for our boys, wrapped up nicely. how thoughtful! the boys were so excited. thank you uncle radha! hihi. next time – home-cooked chicken briyani from sreeja’s kitchen ok!


CikLilyPutih said...

suker briyani... lama dah tak makan ni. nak pi cari lah pas nie

dbalkis said...

sangat kelihatan lazat..

Syigim said...

>> ciklily, kat dubai ni mmg bersepah briyani, sbb indian community sgt besa!

>> dbalkis, mmg sedap!

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