Monday, March 12, 2012

Heritage Village @ Abu Dhabi

i can’t believe i’ve lived for more than 3 years in the UAE (united arab emirates) and haven’t been to ‘heritage village’ in abu dhabi! it’s something like the ‘bastakiya’ in dubai, but it looks more meriah (festive) with bigger crowds, and busier souks! (shops).

(click here for our trip to the beautiful dubai historical bastakiya.)



heritage village in abu dhabi is like a re-creation of how abu dhabi looked like in the olden days. it presents the way of life in an arab village in the past, with a mock traditional house with all the traditional items used in cooking or weaving, even pottery.

these ‘activity’ can be seen demonstrated in the few museums located inside the heritage village.


basically this place has a few ‘old-style’ arab houses, a few museums, one row of stalls selling over-priced souvenirs, and a clearing with sand where you can ride on a camel, a horse or a donkey.


* * *


we were actually there with our other malaysian friends on our way to the abu dhabi night market at the embassy. they’ve been there a couple of times so they chose to sit back and relax at a restaurant inside the heritage village which is a nice place to hang out – nice view of the abu dhabi skyline and the blue water!


give my boys a large area where they can let loose and just run everywhere – they’ll be happy. they had a great time over there. it’s enclosed space, the area is not that big, and the crowd not too overwhelming – so it was quite safe to let them be crazy once in awhile hihi.


there’s even an archaeological site. but a questionable one. what’s really in there? hihi


a mock-up of a traditional arab house. nice. even the wind towers are so classic looking


the row of stalls selling souvenirs


the ‘desert environment’ area is really a good idea. people can ride on a camel, a horse or a donkey around the sandy area made to have a feel of the desert. nice. complete with a beduoin camp on one side.



it’s quite small considering that it’s supposed to showcase the life in UAE in the olden days – should have a bigger place and put many more exhibits and attractions. however, it’s still a good place to walk about and learn a few things, if not just to visit the few museums there.

go and check it out, at least once – especially since the entrance fee is free!

(more lovely pictures here)


Iryani Noor said...

sesuai bawak anak2 jln2 time ujung minggu..
n nice view too.. best boleh duduk mkn2 sambil tgk laut...

transformed housewife said...

mmg nampak kecik je tempat tu.

Syigim said...

>> iryani, mmg nice view sbb nampak laut & byk kapal2layar :) restoran pulak tepi laut :)

>> kak nur, mmg kecik. 30min dah habis round2 the whole place :)

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