Sunday, March 25, 2012

Homemade Satay in Abu Dhabi

last few weekends we were invited to bro ezam’s house to share this delightful malaysian dish – SATAY! i absolutely love satay. satay is the first thing i want to eat as soon as i touch down in malaysia.

bro ezam had been hosting a couple of ‘satay parties’ at his home in abu dhabi, because his brother came for a visit, and he sells satay for a living or on the side, i’m not so sure. but my point is, this is not just an experimental satay grilled at home by an expat – this is really a professionally-made satay – right here in UAE! hihi.

macam baru beli satay bungkus kat kajang!



satay is chicken or beef meat on a skewer, marinated and grilled. the best satay should taste spicy sweet and oh, so juicy. it’s served with spicy peanut sauce. i LOVE satay! i’ve never eaten rabbit satay (gross isn’t it!) but i have tasted camel satay once. didn’t really like it!



the herb and spices used for the marinade is really rich, you can taste the concoction. the ingredients for the marinade was brought all the way from malaysia, so that the satay will retain the authentic taste! the peanut sauce is thick and spicy enough to be so enjoyable.

i was really grateful for the thought of including us in this satay merriment, so i thank our generous host, bro ezam and wife. APPRECIATE it! please do think of us again when your brother comes back for a visit ya... *wink wink*



Affieza said...

same with to eat satay too..hehe

Wan Anie said...

same here, I also like satay very much! but never prepare my homemade satay yet.

like satay rabbit and ostrich too, taste good and sweet just like chicken satay.

CikLilyPutih said...

ktorg yg umah kat kajang ni pun jarang makan satay kajang. ktorg prefer kedai sate kat bangi, dah lah murah, sedap dan besar plak tuh.

enjoy yr satay party..

Fairus Basir said...

my dear,

i sampai dah naik muak tiap2 minggu En. fadzil beli satay je.. atleast once a week.. huh!

transformed housewife said...

wah nampak sedap. Ni yg tiba2 mengidam ni.

Liz Rohaizat said...

tertunai hajat akak yang tak kesampaian nak makan satay kat market aritu eh.

apa rasa satay unta sampai akak tak suka tu? rasa dia pelik eh?

Syigim said...

>> affieza, sedap kan! kak suka sgt!

>> wan anie, satay arnab tak pernah nk try! comel sgt, kesian! :)

Syigim said...

>> cik lily, yg kat bangi tu kat mana. 'besa' tu yg nk tu! hihi.. nanti kasi location!

>> fairus, i would buy satay once a week! hihi

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