Monday, August 13, 2012

MCOB Dubai Iftar 2012

the malay college old boys (MCOB) of dubai cannot call themselves just MCOB this ramadhan. they’re also seasonal members of PST – persatuan suami tunggal!

most of their wives are like me – home in malaysia for the summer holidays plus spending ramadhan with family in malaysia, plus waiting for hubbies to come home for raya. so their husbands spend iftar and berbuka sessions with each other until the day comes when they fly back to malaysia to reunite with their wives and kiddos.

but in the meantime, they’re Suami Tunggal. uhuk uhuk. so sebak.


shon v84, shamsul v86. kay v96, zaim v82, suhaimi v00


as always during ramadhan, the mcobs of dubai get together for berbuka. this year, they had it at this awesome thai place called ‘papa junior’ near dragon mart. click here for my full review including tantalizing pictures of the delicious lauk of our choices.



far into the night, they were joined by another mcob – bro kazan from batch 86 who was on transit in dubai on his way back to malaysia from london. click here for his last visit to dubai, last year.

hmm, memang dah jodoh. the one day that he was on transit to dubai, was THE day that the mckk boys had their get-together for berbuka, and can all hang out with him at the same time. the speret koleq has an aura that even i can’t understand! hihi.

well, welcome home to those already on their way. bon voyage to the rest, and may you arrive safely to your loved ones.

the boys miss you, bapaknye!


Anonymous said...


thank you for the well written post. speret high.

~your other half

Syigim said...

thanks sir. always a pleasure.

~ your kitchen queen

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