Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Iftar With Old Friend @ Chili’s, KLCC

there were supposed to be THREE of us. me, irda and put. old classmates. BFF. we have something called the ‘pizza tradition’. every ramadhan since around 2005, we would meet up for berbuka, and it’s usually for PIZZA, hence the name of the ‘tradition’.

i missed the ‘pizza tradition’ last ramadhan, and this year it was only two of us. put is in london (enjoying the olympic games, no doubt – grr *envy*), while trying to get her doctorate in law.

and it was not PIZZA this time around, but we settled for chili’s. at KLCC.


me & irda. yay!


to give a summary of what we talked about would be impossible. you can’t summarize almost two years worth of stories! miss her so much! (and yes put, your absence is sorely missed!)

we shared sadness – of irda’s father passing because of cancer; we shared laughter – of old school tales; we shared stories of our kiddos – my 3 boys and she’s with 2 adorable girls – there was never a moment of silence (unless we were chewing hihi) and to me this meeting was one of the highlights of my trip back.

finally a girl-talk session over good food and great ambiance!


* * *


…and speaking of GOOD food…



we had this scrumptuous starter. it looks rather plain but really packs a punch because of all the flavorful ingredients put into the eggroll. this is called the ‘southwestern eggrolls’ – senang cakap mexican popiah! hihi. crispy flour tortilla filled with smoked chicken, black beans, corn, jalapeño jack cheese, red peppers and spinach. yum yum!

this is one of the 3 starters served in the ‘triple play’ plate. served with 3 yummy dressing.



this was mine – grilled lamb shoulder with chili's special marinade. sorry chili’s, if this is ‘special’, i’m afraid to try your ‘regular’ marinade! the taste is just OK when i expected it to be laden with herbs and spices. the texture is the most disappointing. not juicy, not tender, not soft. alhamdulillah it’s JUST OKAY, but when i order my favorite lamb, i want it to be more than *just okay*!

served with mashed potatoes with black pepper gravy, seasonal veggies and garlic toast. the mashed potato saved the day – creamy soft and flavorful.

i won’t be ordering this ever again. gimme lamb from tony roma’s anytime!



we ordered the main dish under ‘ramadhan combo or something’ which comes with a cup of soup of the day, and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. i took the ‘chicken and mushroom’ soup.

this was divine. delicious! generous chunks of chicken and mushroom combined together in a creamy gravy, served with two pieces of biscuits. i would order JUST this soup and still come out tummy-full.



irda got herself the ‘monterey chicken’. topped with BBQ sauce, cutp-up tomato and cheese. served with mashed potatoes with yummy gravy and steamed veggies. she finished it pinggan-licin-ly and effortlessly. says a lot about  the dish. or about her! haha. *hugs*!



me no likey vanilla ice-cream. but anything cool after a hefty berbuka meal is always welcomed! and what’s more, irda brought along these rectangular pieces of red velvet cakes that are so smooth, cheesy and tasty. combined that with the cool vanilla ice-cream – perfect end to a perfect meet.


* * *


i had such a great time with her. chit chat chit chat laugh laugh eat eat munch munch. hope we could meet up for raya, with our boys and girls. until then!


strawberi said...

kalo kt fav..wajib order southwestern grilled prnh order lain kot..hehe

irda said...

Gim, i wish we could meet up all 3 of us together Raya ni kan...
It would be nice if Put is around too...miss her so much...
But most importantly,dpt spend whole evening bukak puasa with you pun best sgt!

Syigim said...

>> strawberi, actually my fav dish kat chillis is the mushroom cheeseburger :)

>> irda, of course it would be perfect with put sekali..

but alhamdulillah we got this moment!

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