Thursday, August 9, 2012

How Hot is Dubai in Ramadhan?

alhamdulillah i am celebrating ramadhan in malaysia. however, my other half is struggling in the heat of the summer in dubai. how hot can it get in dubai? let the picture speaks for itself!

laporan oleh encik khairul, lintas lansung dari dubai!


this is taken by mr. khairul in the daytime. temperature was a scorching 55 degrees! according to UAE labor law, anyone working outdoors will be banned from working outside between 12.30pm-3.00pm between 15 june to 15 september. companies found to be breaking the regulation will be fined 15,000 dirham (RM12,800).


…and if you think that THAT is hot enough, perhaps you’d also think that the night would be gentler to the people and gets colder – NOT! this was taken by mr. khairul just last few nights, and the temperature shown was 49 degrees.

49 degrees. at night! ouch, that’s pretty darn HOT!


* * *


may Allah grant patience and perseverance to my mr. khairul and all our malaysian buddies in dubai in facing the summer ramadhan in such hot temperature. amin!

(time sahur minum air banyak dan jangan lupa kurma ok! pemberi tenaga!)


strawberi said...

waa..mencabarnya puasa kt sana..

amirah said...

ya rabbi...panasnyaa!!..moga tabahla berpuasa

lina said...

Ya Allah panasnya...

transformed housewife said...

kat sini bila panas pun dha tak tahan. tak tahula mcmana kalau duduk Dubai. Semoga ur hubby & yg lain2 dpt bertahan.

Syigim said...

>> strawberi, mmg timing keja pulak dipendekkan smpai 3pm je..bole la berehat :)

>> amirah, mmg panas! kalau keluar, bahangnya mcm kalau kita masuk tgn dlm oven tu!

Syigim said...

kak lina & kak nur, betul. malaysia pun dah panas, tp dubai ni panas semacam - ade bahang sbb humidity dia.

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