Friday, August 10, 2012

Sharing Plate : A Valuable Sunnah of Rasulullah


His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ruler of Dubai & other royalties. notice the way they’re sitting?


the picture above shows the ruler of dubai, his highness sheikh mohammed sharing a plate of nasi arab with other members of the dubai royal family.

that is exactly what is practiced by Rasulullah SAW and his sahabah in the past. nowadays, it’s still practiced by many who wish to adopt this sunnah of Rasulullah which has many benefits.


1) reward from Allah

when we uphold the sunnah of Rasulullah SAW and make it a part of our daily life, insyaAllah we will be granted the reward from Allah.

Nabi Muhammad SAW pernah bersabda “barangsiapa yang menghidupkan satu Sunnah dizaman kerosakan Ummat maka dia akan mendapat pahala 100 mati syahid”

amazing! some people lost their lives to get ‘mati syahid’ but we only need to uphold at least one sunnah in our lifetime, to get 100 times more reward than that of those yang mati syahid.


2) blessings from Allah

when we share a plate of rice with chicken or meat – whatever is in front of us is shared equally and with so much gratitude. since the meal is so blessed by Allah, whatever is shared is always enough for everyone eating.


3) health benefits

when we sit just as prescribed in the sunnah of Rasulullah – that is down on our knee but with one knee pulled upwards to our chest – this would in return give such comfort to our tummy. interestingly enough (i read in one article) when we sit in that position, our tummy would automatically be divided into three sections – one for water, one for food and one for air.

the result? we would instinctively stop when our tummy is 1/3 full – and we would not over-eat. i should really try this!


4) sharing is CARING!

we always say this, hear this or even write this in our blog when we share information or stories : sharing is caring!

sharing a plate when you eat can build care and love amongst those sharing the food. automatically we would be concerned with who should get the last piece of chicken, or who hasn’t gotten his share of boiled egg. we would be passing around food, making sure everyone has his share and noone is left out.

everyone will make sure that the other person eats more, and in return – everyone gets to eat as much as they deserve. sharing is caring!


* * *


to practice Rasulullah’s way of life is to obtain Allah’s blessings. it also proved to be very beneficial for us when we adopt it in our daily routine.


mr. khairul (with glasses) and his mckk seniors and juniors makan setalam!


Nabi SAW pernah bersabda “Barang siapa yang menghidupkan Sunnahku maka bererti dia cinta kepadaku. Dan barangsiapa yang cinta kepadaku pasti akan masuk syurga bersamaku”


maybe you can start sharing a plate with your husband? together with suap menyuap? macam kat meja pengantin masa hari kawin dulu? yay!


transformed housewife said...

org2 Jawa ada tradisi Nasi Ambeng yg mana cara diaorg mkn dlm talam dikongsi2 beramai2. Org2 kita tak de.
We should try to adopt this sunnah too.

lina said...

salam syigim - cara makan sunnah mmg benar mengurangkan kita makan terlalu byk...nilai2 ini di terapkan oleh murobbi kami...anak di sekolah STIAS di didik utk mengikuti sunnah. Hubungan sesama mereka juga sgt baik. Mengikuti sunnah sgt relaven utk zaman yg mutakhir spt sekarang :) TQVM sharing this is very good info syigim.

Syigim said...

>> kak nur, pernah dgr nasi ambeng. kat restoran 'spore deli' di dubai ade jual, tp diorang buat versi makan sorang pulak dah! :)

>> kak lina, alhamdulillah mmg kalau hidup berlandaskan sunnah rasulullah insyaAllah diberkati :)

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