Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dubai-Ipoh Can Eat Together : Thanks Skype!

one in dubai. surviving summer heat; surrounded by palm trees, hunky pak arab in kandoora, mountain of dates and delicious mandi rice, and camels walking by as you drive on the highway.

another one is in ipoh. surviving without her other half; surrounded by malaysia’s infamous traffic jam, glorious hawker food and irritating issues of awkward merdeka song with its ugly logo and inappropriate theme.

me in ipoh with my boys; and mr. khairul in dubai. bulan ramadhan pun kan mengajar erti sabar? hihi



as we’re enjoying our iftar in malaysia, in dubai he is waiting for asar. we’re living 4 hours apart, and thousands of miles away, so we have sessions like this : the boys eating dinner *with* their bapak – via skype!

oh my technology!

thanks to skype, the boys had the best time showing and describing what they’re eating. sometimes i just focus the camera at the carpet where the boys are making their usual racket, conducting wrestling mania or just being plain nuts!

i’m sure to mr. khairul, the noise makes him feel that they boys are right there in our dubai home! hihi.



at times, after updating each other on our respective activities, we just simply let the skype go on, our videos showing each other’s location – not talking, not chatting – just keeping each other’s video on.

it’s really comforting in its own way – knowing that your loved one who is so far away, seems so near, even just through a screen. even without uttering a single word.

thanks skype, phone bills pun tak melambung!


* * *



…and speaking of keeping skype on and on without chatting…

when ipoh is ready for berbuka at about 7.30pm, dubai’s clock is only at 3.30pm. when dubai is ready to go to sleep at 12 midnight, ipoh is busy waking up to prepare sahur.

so just last night i woke up to prepare sahur in the dead of night. i was at abah’s house already in ipoh. i switched on notebook, logged on skype and just let the visual image of him stay there on the screen, accompanying me as i cook.

he just came back from iftar and terawikh at matrade. at times we just talked while i cook, and other times, dia cuma temankan aku masak sambil dia browse the net.

it was simply a nice feeling.


(esok subuh teman masak sahur lagi ye…)


Affieza said...

Love flying through skype...hihi

Zamila Aleiya Zahari said...

sangat paham perasaan itu. been there, done that too!

Liz said...

isk, comel giler korang nie!

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