Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fish, Tortoise & Monkeys @ Rimba Kiara, TTDI

in full, it’s called ‘taman rimba kiara park’ or TTDI park. in short, it’s simply a jungle in the midst of housing area and concrete shop-houses. this really is a wonderful green place in taman tun dr ismail, catering for nature-lover, joggers, adults and kiddos alike.

it was a short walk from my sister’s place, and that morning was just wonderfully welcoming. fresh air, greenery that’s soothing to the eyes, and the coo-ing of the many migratory birds feasting on fresh fruits upon the trees.

i see loving old chinese couple doing tai-chi together, and families walking hand-in-hand. i see hunky jogger huffing and puffing along the pathway and one gorgeous mom bringing her 3 boys there (aku la tu. haha!)

what did my boys do here?



1) we brought a few slices of almost-stale bread from home and they fed the tortoise!

and there were A LOT of them! more and more were emerging from the deep murky pond to eat the yummy pinch of bread thrown by khaleef. there’s even a really big gorgeous orange fish with scale so fluorescently shiny that everytime it surfaces, we’d be so excited!




* * *




2) they even fed the birds! and these birds are so incredibly tame.

kazim had fun chasing after the birds who did not even try to fly, and would just come back to the grassy spot where the boys had thrown the small pinches of bread. kazim would end up just standing in the middle of the birds, watching them enjoying their brunch. hihi.


* * *




3) monkey-spotting!

as they were busy feeding the birds and the tortoise, a small group of monkeys started to creep nearer and nearer. MONKEYS! my sister said they were usually harmless. most of the time, the monkeys would amusingly stare at passers-by and joggers, and would do this as they enjoy the fruity meals – macam tengok show manusia pulak!

nevertheless, i could never take any chances when it comes to my young boys, so i was still very anxious when one of the monkeys braved himself to get near kazim.



spot the monkey!


kazim, being the curious cat, actually ran towards the monkey – possibly to pet him like a cat. at this point i was beyond paranoid – dah menjerit dah! haha. i was so scared that the monkey would react violent in response to kazim’s sudden excited screams as he ran – but the monkey ran away instead. phew!

my sis said what we saw was just A FEW of the monkeys! if we walked further down the jogging path, we’d pass by huge tall trees FILLED with monkeys! and yes they’re harmless and nobody, no jogger or visitor has ever gotten hurt or attacked by a monkey so far.

well, still – with my kids, better be safe than sorry!


* * *


what else is there?

apart from all these simple, fun, free activities, there are more to do at rimba kiara, ttdi – there’s a nice playground for the kids, and there’s an ‘adult playground’ – an exercise area or outdoor gym with exercising equiptment build for exercising outdoor. really handy for people to use FOC and out in the sun.

there’s even a small, shallow stream somewhere in the park! i haven’t personally seen it, but i read it in one of the blogs. wonderful! kids can take a dip in the cool stream while a fish swim by. definitely gonna try that next with my boys!

also, some actually held wedding reception there! wah, this is no garden wedding – it’s a jungle wedding!


* * *


dengar citer there are talks to shut down the park to make way for development. really? are we gonna be THAT developed without nature? without a place for animals to roam free? without a recreational place for our kids so that they won’t spend their days indoor with an ipad stuck to their face?

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