Monday, August 6, 2012

Iftar @ Italiannies : So Good So Share!

two great things about eating at italiannies :

1) yummy italian dishes AND 2) its HUGE portion. no wonder its tagline is ‘so good, so share’ – because the portion is definitely enough to be shared with 3-4 of you. so last weekend we went to italiannies at the curve to SHARE few dishes for iftar.

in fact, last few years we had iftar right here at italiannies the curve to with abah and umi. click here for my full review of the place.



thanks to my baby sis and her fiance faiz for the terrific treat! yum!



for starters, we ordered this tasty treat – our favorite, super-crispy fried calamari that’s arguably one of the best i’ve eaten. really. rugi takde nasik putih dengan air asam!



for my *italian* boys, this plate of spaghetti bolognese with two huge meatballs (meatballs that we CANNOT finish – tapau!) this plate of spaghetti will satisfy any spaghetti-lover. delicious as a good spaghetti should be, sweet-sour tomato-rich bolognese sauce without being too sour or not thick enough. highly recommended. my boys absolutely LOVE this.



what i came here for – beef lasagna at italiannies. i must say, quite disappointed with the texture AND taste. the texture is too thick and compact, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but personally i like my lasagna to be soft and melts in the mouth with all the richness of the cheesy bechamel sauce cross with tomato-ish bolognese sauce. yum. this one doesn’t really do that –

plus, i think there’s TOO MUCH CHEESE (yes, i’m actually complaining about TOO MUCH CHEESE eventhough i LOVE CHEESE) because this makes the lasagna so salty! we ended up not finishing this, and tapau it for sahur!



this is also my all-time favorite – fresh crunchy salad with all sorts of thingamajig that go with it. delicious. it’s got everything – veggies, meat AND fruits! green lettuce tossed with yummy grilled chicken and crispy croutons – and, get this : cut-up grapes AND mangoes! and they all danced so well together in the special italiannies salad dressing. i’d order this everytime!


* * *




my cheeky boys : being their usual self. hihi.


thanks again azi and faiz for the scrumptuous italian iftar at italiannies!

oh, and did i mention that with every main course that you order, you’ll get a kid’s meal for free. so we got the boys an extra plate of spaghetti carbonara white sauce (which their ‘mak su’ so conveniently finished, hihi) and a plate of freshly fried chicken fingers. i’d highly recommend you guys get the spaghetti carbonara white sauce because the portion is huge for a kid’s meal, and is oh-so-rich-and-thick-and cheesy!

yay! so where to next?


Liz said...

kak, kalau italiannies ada nasik putih dengan air asam, dah kena tukar nama la jawabnya. hehehe..

portion kat situ memang besar kan? kena makan perlahan-lahan. saya kalau mkn situ, tak penah share. ahaks. masing-masing order lain. bila tak habis, tapau. nanti bila lapar kat rumah, gerenti licin juga.

transformed housewife said...

have never tried that restaurant.

check out these postings too!

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