Friday, August 17, 2012

Atuk’s 9 Grandkids @ Ipoh : What They Did

it’s ramadhan and i’m spending it at my dad’s place in my beloved hometown ipoh. last weekend my sisters in KL came back too – so all NINE of abah’s grandkids were around -

which means chaos. but happy chaos. haha.




* * *


1) we celebrated haqeem’s birthday!

my nephew haqeem (my eldest sister’s 2nd kid) turned NINE this august. so my youngest sis ordered a rainbow cake specially for this occasion. it was just so right – bright, colorful cake for 9 noisy kids with colorful personalities that brightens up the house!

happy birthday haqeem! next year tak payah birthday cake lah. tahun ni je dah dapat 3 kek dalam seminggu! hihi




birthday boy haqeem kidding around with bff cousin khaleef


* * *


my boys : anong khaleef, kazim & kahfi


2) kids and firecrackers!

yes, i let them play. yes, they had fun, i had fun. yes, we were being very careful. do you let your kids play bunga api? read my opinion about that here.


cousins : nuna & kahfi


* * *




3) atuk-lympics and games

we had games – from charades to kotak beracun to whose line is it anyway!

the kotak beracun was supposed to be a box filled with folded paper with funny instructions, but in our version, it’s actually a present wrapped with countless layers of wrapping paper.

a song is played, and while it’s playing, the present is passed from one player to another. when the song stops, the player holding the present must open one layer of wrapping paper. each time a player opens one layer of paper, a note is attached to it with funny instructions – from downright silly “geli ketiak orang di sebelah kanan” or funny “sing twinkle twinkle little star while pinching your nose”.

anything for a little (or a lot!) laugh!




and since it’s olympics, we played charade ala atok-lympics – pick a folded paper, in it names of sports in olympics like boxing, swimming or taekwando, and the player must act out the sports while the rest try to guess.





* * *


4) help with baking biskut raya

yes, they helped – and then they ate them all! hihi



* * *


5) help mak su pack goodie bags for the kids who comes for beraya

on hari raya itself, a lot of kiddos will roam around the kampung area looking for friendly houses to visit and beraya – including my abah’s house.

anyhow, let’s get real – the house-hopping kids just want the duit raya, and maybe a couple of kuih raya (even then, after the 12th house, who had the tummy to eat anymore right?) so as always, every year, my youngest sis would go out and get snacks, sweets, drinks and mini cakes in bulks to be put in goodie bags.

when the kids come for beraya, just pass them the goodie bag and send them off to the next house! saves our time and theirs! lagi banyak rumah bole cover, dik! hihi.



..and who’d better to help mak su pack all these goodies? our happy helpers and mess-makers of course. my boys khaleef and kahfi with their cousins abg haiqal, abg haqeem and lil nuna helped out, and couldn’t help taking a few packets for themselves too! haha.

within minutes, all goodie bags are ready to be ‘shipped out’ come syawal!


* * *


6) …and after a hard day’s work, nothing else left to do but sleep!

Zzzz – sweet dreams my little babies…




the only girls in the clan : nuna, cuya & ica


* * *


Affieza said...

Bestnya...bkn senang nak bagi complete semua ni...hihi

Syigim said...

alhamdulillah, sekali sekala balik baru anak2 kak dpt berkumpul dgn cousins diorang :)

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