Friday, September 30, 2011

Reunion With MCOB Kamil

the mckk fraternity in dubai is converging yet again. where? if you need to ask, then you haven’t been following dubai mckk stories up close and personal enough! haha. tawasol lah beb. mandi rice!

this time to reunite with kamil, mr. khairul’s mckk batchmate who had left dubai for good some months ago, but comes back for a visit occasionally.

incidentally, another mcoba, abang faisal shon celebrated a happy birthday last two days; and also on the occasion of him and wife kak muna embarking on the journey that’s coveted by all muslims – the pilgrimage to kota mekah. they are scheduled to leave at the end of october, insyaAllah.


mr. khairul & mckk batchmate kamil


makan-makan borak-borak


tales of maids, child upbringing, recipes and arabic classes. of unpronounceable unspellable names of kids these days and of stories gathered from those who had performed hajj. sometimes i just let the kakak-kakak sembang berdua while i sat close by absorbing all the wisdom. still a lot to learn as a mother, a wife and as a person!

one word : xanariah? man!


kak rozina & kak muna


kamil in his natural state or entertaining a party!


* * *


kamil v96, faisal shon v84, zaim v82, shamsul v86 & kay v96


us in front of my favorite restaurant in dubai : tawasol!


it’s not too much to say that THIS is our family in dubai. and i’m thankful to have them coloring our lonely lives here in dubai far from our own family.

also, one thing i always notice, abg faisal shon and abg zaim would wear an mckk t or shirt whenever possible. this time, even mr. khairul wore his white shirt embroidered with a tiny emblem of the quad-colors. talk about semangat, man! speret kolet habis!

oh well, friends who are like family. restaurant yang macam rumah sendiri. time on our side. lots of stories to share. lots of good food to go around. perfect ingredients for a get-together!

* * *

till we meet again kamil on your next visit back to dubai. happy birthday to abang faisal shon – wishing you are blessed with many more glorious years ahead. safe journey this october to you and kak muna, may Allah grant you all the blessing and rahmat.



Anonymous said...

dont worry, i know a few vip mcobs baca ni and also a couple of hundred mcobs in malaysia & around the world. but they choose to be silent. they know we are bunch of hardcore speret "budak koleq".

and most importantly, they know that we would welcome them here in UAE...anytime!


~your other half, B146
class of 96

Syigim said...

*roll eyes*


xsterquex said...

saya baca jugak :)

Azizi Abd Ghani

Anonymous said...

salam brada Azizi ex resident abu dhabi. hows things buddy?

mai la singgah lepak dubai sama kami lagi. aku bole bawak hang naik moto aku. btw nah check balik gambaq hang dulu dulu..


Syigim said...

xsterquex aka aziz - thanks for dropping by! baca la lagi ok ;)

check out these postings too!

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