Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Wedding Day : Congrats Wani & Ijan

i am missing from two important weddings this year : i missed one already, and going to miss another one in december. sob sob. on a happier note, my gorgeous cousin wani became mrs. ijan last weekend in a glorious ‘garden’ wedding with pink and green as its theme.

wani is the eldest daughter of my mom’s youngest sister whom we call ‘cik’. i wish you both a lifetime of happiness. through the good and bad, for better or worse. have a lot of respect for each other, and most of all patience. listen well, and share often. above all, Allah knows best!

have a blessed marriage!


beautiful family of the bride : sitting from left : uncle rosli, groom ijan, bride my cousin wani, my aunt-my mom’s youngest sister- cik

sitting from left : siti, abu, yaya and youngest boy umar



wani on her malam berinai. beautiful!

LOVE the color, but i can never *wear* that color! i remember wearing grey on my malam berinai and while the ladies laugh and hang out in front of the pelamin, the men were playing kompang outside



my sisters after the solemnization at masjid negara : from left : my youngest sis azi, ijan, wani, syima holding her eldest daughter cuya, and my eldest sis yong



my sisters during the pink-apple green reception : from left : my eldest sis yong holding her only daughter nuna, syima holding her eldest daughter cuya, my youngest sis azi, and syida



ya Allah grant these two hearts an everlasting love for each other, and fiery passion that never fades, amin! (also few sons and daughters! ASAP!) hihi


* * *


these are some of the lovely shots of the wedding by my cousin amirul. great job, dude.



what’s so special about this couple? well, they’re next in line! my other cousin who is getting married this december? ini lah dia! rini will wed her fiancee khairul real soon. congrats, and savor your final months of being a bachelor and bachelorette!


* * *


these are some of the pre-wed shots and from the akad nikah day that i really like by ‘tepak bridal’. took it from my cousin wani’s facebook page. credit to tepak bridal for making their love look even more meaningful than it already is.




* * *


sigh. time to look at *my* old wedding photos… weddings just stir up the hopelessly romantic inside of me…


Iryani Noor said...

sgt gorgeous...
congratsss to ur cuzzie...
semoga berkekalan...

Pala Maldini said...

what happened when Handsome meet Gorgeous ?

They got married... Congrats to your cousin!

Syigim said...

>> iryani, gorgeous kan :) thanks for the wish. amin...

>> pala maldini, nice one! thanks for the wish :)

Nia said...

hehe..congrats to them~!

bila tgk wedding photo kita dulu, terasa mcm baru je kita kawin kan..hehe..

Syigim said...

>> nia, best tgk gamba wedding kita dulu2.. rase berbunga2 sgt hahaha

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