Monday, September 26, 2011

Merisik Si Puteri Bongsu

unbelievable. my youngest sister is taken. booked. reserved. my comot youngest sister is officially off limits!

in a simple malay ceremony called 'merisik', the family from the future-groom's side visits the future-bride's parents to 'seek permission' to 'book' the girl from the family; normally by presenting her with a ring. this event usually includes both family getting to know each other, and a preliminary discussion on hantaran (dowry), date of nikah (solemnization) and other important details.

the merisik is the first step towards a wedding ceremony according to the malay culture. what follows are usually the bertunang (engagement), nikah (solemnization) and the reception.

future mother-in-law sliding the merisik ring

insyaAllah, by end of next year, my youngest sister will wed her long-time buddy faiz.

their story is worthy of a chic-lit or teen malay movie. they've known each other for the longest time, during which both had fallen in and out of love with other people. and all through their friendship they had been there for each other and became best of friends. little did they know that they were finally meant for each other.

sob sob. aku pulak yang sebak tulih ni haha.

family discussion : abah in green batik, faiz's dad in blue batik

* * *

my sisters, nephews & nieces

the event was a simple one, with just close family members; my abah's siblings and my mak's siblings. i wish i were there to help out (..with the noise!) so i would like to thank my mak's younger sisters auntyna and cik for being there to support and offer help to abah and umi. not to mention all my other uncles and aunties for memeriahkan suasana.

cik, my sis azot & auntyna

* * *

i like this picture ~ future besan (in-laws) having a light moment over yummy food to mark the memorable occasion

what did they have? delicious laksa! mengada request from the future bride, huh! and the many kuih-muih (desserts) for the guests. simple dishes for a simple event - yet this day marks the beginning of preparation for the big day!

i'll try to do my part here, being in dubai - (girls, i need theme color, pronto!) haha!

* * *

so where's the picture of my future baby-bro-in-law? shh. kasi mysterious sket. (tak pun korang just visit azot's blog and korek-korek sendiri lah. haha) he was the impromptu photographer for the awesome shots of me and my siblings during my last visit back to malaysia. check out the photos here.

* * *

actually, this october will come with another eventful day. *wink wink* what? two daughters taken in the same year? abah is on a roll!


amirah said...

buat dua kenduri terus? huhu

transformed housewife said...

Knur dulu tak de merisik. kami terus bertunang je. Adik knur pun mcm tu jugak. Kami langkah step merisik tu. COngrats to ur sisters.

Syigim said...

>> amirah, insyaAllah...2 kenduri, tp tarikh lain2 dekat ;)

>> kak nur, saya pun dulu xde merisik pakai cincin suma ni. cuma berbincang tarikh n hantaran. thanks for the wish :)

Affieza said...

Bestlah akak nnt dpt 2org adik ipar terus..hehe..

nurbeena said...

Tahniah kepada adik n syigim seisi keluarga.

Anonymous said...

majlis merisik nampak meriah esp the food hehe. congrat to ur sisters :)

Pala Maldini said...

May the love blossom into something extraordinarily special..


Liz Rohaizat said...

haih, suka baca entry2 org kena risik/bertunang/kahwin nie.. sweet!

wah, love story mmg mcm buku. she should read "One Day".


Syigim said...

>> affieza, tu lah. alhamdulillah. xde adikberadik lelaki, so dpt adik2 ipar lelaki excited lah :)

>> thanks nurbeena :)

Syigim said...

>> eis, hidangan simple, tp tetap meriah bila makan ramai2 kan? :)

>> pala maldini, blossom and continue blossoming :) thanks for the wish!

Syigim said...

liz, thanks for the wish. kak pun suka baca citer kawen/engagemnt sbb jiwang sorang2 teringat kisah sendiri haha.


lina said...

salam syigim - Tahniah utk puteri bongsu...welcome to new phase of life.

Nadiah Sidek said...

wah, wah..tahniah! sedih tak syigim takde sekali masa tu?

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