Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tasty Tandoori Chicken @ Appa Kadai

‘appa kadai’ restaurant in discovery gardens is our favorite place to get apam with chicken *chettinad. the apam is freshly made and served hot, while its chicken chettinad looks like curry – thick and spicy – but taste so much better!

chettinad-style of cooking is said to be “one of the spiciest, oiliest and most aromatic in iIndia, a distinctive culinary style with judicious blend of spices.”

‘chettinad’ is a region in the state of tamil nadu, india.

read about my first taste of appa kadai’s amazing apam here, and to see how chicken chettinad looks like.




however, in our recent visit to appa kadai in discover gardens, we tried their tandoori chicken, and it tastes just like home. malaysians who want a taste of home in the form of tandoori chicken, can head on to ‘appa kadai’. delicious, and full of flavor!

it’s served together with cut-up tomatoes and cucumber with onions, as well as this very deliciously tangy dip that can very well compete with dips at chillis or tgif!

serious sedap combo ni!



the surprisingly awesome dip


* * *




we also shared this plate of combo meal of rice, fish curry and vege – because it’s quite cheap, so we gave it a go.

the fish in the curry was super soft and yummy – but i wasn’t really crazy about the curry taste. love the vege though because i’ve never tried anything like that before – a combo of cut-up pickled cucumber, dal and a few more stuff.

the white liquid is probably coconut milk, but it looked so transparent that it became quite unattractive to be eaten. haha.



the fish curry & vege


this is interesting – serving rice with dried chilli to be eaten – just like that? me the tak-makan-pedas gal wasn’t even thinking of trying!




* * *




khaleef loves their roti canai (here they call it parotha) and yes – here the roti canai taste and feel as crispy and soft like our roti canai mamak back home too. khaleef likes it with sugar, and just a spoonful of chicken chettinad or fish curry. simple yet satisfying!


* * *


best appam in dubai, roti canai (parotha) and tandoori chicken that taste just like the ones in malaysia – ‘appa kadai’ remains one of our favorite makan place in dubai!


dhr said...

wah..nampak mcm menarik je ni! satu lagi kedai yang kena masuk dalam list kalau ke Dubai. Hehe. Kami kalau ke Dubai selalu makan kat Thai Terrace kat Karama tu. so i guess Appa Kadai ni pun dekat-dekat situ la ye.

transformed housewife said...

I love Tandoori Chicken. BUat sendiri kat rumah tapi cheating sbb beli rempah dah siap dlm paket. hehe

amirah said...

kalo kak buat review makanan memang terbaek la...huhu

Syigim said...

>> dhr, please try. roti canai, nan, apam semua sedap-sedap. yes, appa kadai ade branch kat karama, but not sure where exactly.

thai terrace sedap, pernah makan skali situ :)

>> kak nur, bestnye buat sendiri. nk try jugak, tak kisahla rempah peket! ;)

Syigim said...

>> amirah, thanks so much :) sbb suka makan, jadi tulis psl makanan pun seronok! :)

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