Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Malinja Kuey Tiaw @ Puchong Prima

i LOVE kuey teow.

okay, i know it’s ramadhan and posting about food is either frowned upon, or salivated on! haha. enjoy je lah! for me, one of the best places to get fried kuey teow is in this humble stall in puchong prima – the malinja charkuetiaw.



if you ever came across this part of town, let me tell you that there is a long stretch of stalls, so be on the lookout for the name ‘malinja’.



this is our kueyteow haunt for the last few years when we stayed in puchong. coming home from work, it’s always nice to know that there is a kuey teow place that i can count on – one that i know would serve a most delicious plate of kuey teow.

there is one other kuey teow stall here but i’m not sure if it’s the same stall (paint different) or another stall at the same stretch. tapi memang kat puchong prima jugak!



however, during our recent visit, proved to be quite disappointing for mr. khairul who loves his char kuey teow basah (with gravy). he said the gravy was thick – but suspiciously thick – as if they put a little too much corn flour. this affects the taste. jadi tak best!

mine, was the kuey teow ‘kering’ – dry fry – and it was still as delicious as ever! in fact, it was less oily. loved the silky thin strips of flat noodle, loved the not-too-spicy taste, loved the whole thing! it’s still the best for me!




ulp. even i’m salivating now…

i don’t eat kerang nor prawns so i requested a change to chicken. THIS is one of my favorite plates of kuey teow.



is it open for buka puasa? *wink wink*


Sparkly Sharky said...

Tengok dari gambar pun dah tau sedap. Makan dengan cili jeruk, mak aiiii best nya!!!

Nampak gaya I kena cari kueytiau goreng for buka puasa esok ;-}

amirah said...

cili jeruk? awww sedapnya..!!

Affieza said...

Mmg favourite akak ke kuey tiaw ni??

Unknown said...

Dah try ke kat puchong permai? Dekat ngan uptown tu.nama kedai Feri char kuew tiow. ..sangat2 osemm...

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