Thursday, August 4, 2011

Singapore : Jurong Bird Park

if your kiddos have seen the movie ‘rio’, (about blue, a very domesticated blue macaw caught in an adventure with free-spirited female bird of his kind; named jewel) then they would enjoy a bird park thousand times more.

khaleef knew the movie inside out, so he was very excited at the prospect of meeting all the ‘characters’ of the animated movie at ‘jurong bird park’, singapore on our recent visit there with my abah, umi and two younger sisters.


kahfi & khaleef with atok and opah umi

you can buy the entrance ticket to jurong bird park together with night safari, or singapore zoo with special rates – but as we’re pressed for time, we chose to buy tickets to jurong bird park only. we just added extra dollars to ride on the monorail that circles the park.

the train is really good when you’re travelling with kids and older people as we can take a break from walking and the heat, and just enjoy the trip around the park in an air-conditioned train. there is a voice-over explaining what we’re seeing as we’re passing each attraction.

there was quite a line when we want to go on board, but the process was done very fast and organized, and we didn’t wait too long for the next train. also, my abah and umi (senior citizens) did not need to line up, and asked to just sit on the side until their turn comes to board the train with the rest of us who were lining up.

good call!

abah and umi took full advantage of the train, relaxing while checking out the attractions, and then stopped to rest at the entrance. us ‘youngsters’ then continued our bird-park experience on foot.


visiting the ‘parrot paradise’ was really heavenly for khaleef and kahfi who had been busy spotting characters from the animated movie, ‘rio’. they saw nigel, the white parrot, and became ecstatic when they finally saw a BLUE PARROT, and kept shouting, “blue! blue!” it was quite a sight.


a rare family picture among the parrots!

as in any bird park, a bird show is a must. and man, look at this crowd! serves us right going on a sunday! it was a regular fun-filled show, with a couple of jaw-dropping acts by the intelligent feather-friends.

the best part to me was the endearing little talking parrot who sang ‘happy birthday’ and ‘rasa sayang’ in perfect diction and pitch. lagu cina pun dia nyanyi! amazing! begitu agung ciptaan Allah!


one of the highlights of jurong bird park is the highest man-made waterfall in an aviary – plunging down 30m! fine, doesn’t look like much in my photo, but it was a beautiful sight when you’re coming from the wooden walkway, down a corner, and voila – the sound and sight of falling water.

made me think of the last time i was at a waterfall spot – and i really can’t! punya la lama tak pegi!


another precious family photo – i use the word ‘rare’ and ‘precious’ because it’s SO difficult to get the two younger boys to stay put for a photograph!

if you enjoy birds, interested in knowing the types and species – while walking in a very beautiful and CLEAN setting – jurong bird park is an enjoyable choice of holiday activity for kids and adults alike. the staff are courteous and helpful, the souvenir shop is well-stocked, and the toilets are very clean!

singapore does well – the place really merit as a tourist attraction of an international level.


my two younger sisters with three african tribal warriors

please don’t think i gave too much credit to singapore, or puji melambung sangat. (especially since malaysian’s tigers latest ‘brawl’ with the lions on the field! haha) but benda yang baik ape salahnya kita jadikan contoh; especially the cleanliness part, and beautifying our own bird park.

when i complained about getting only ONE park-map to be shared with the 4-5 of us, my youngest sister azot (who had just been to our KL bird park) said, at least in jurong bird park, we’re asked to share but at least we get the map for FREE. in KL bird park, you have to PAY for a park-map.


oh, a tip – if the heat gets to you, there’s a penguin attraction at the entrance; and it’s very cooling inside! better yet, just stand at the entrance, where the burst of air-conditioner is at its best! haha. tapi jangan le sampai menggangu orang nak klua masuk ye. hihi.

* * *

never heard of the animated movie ‘rio’? heard of it but haven’t watched it? watch the trailer, people! it’s an enjoyable movie with lots of laughs!


amirah said...

rio? alamak..berapa kali ulang tayang ni bukan anak..mak ayah rio mmng best la..

Syigim said...

anak-anak kak mmg dah hafal la setiap scene rio tu.. tu yg excited sgt dpt pegi taman burung! :)

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