Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MCOBA Dubai Iftar 2011 @ Abg Zaim’s

coming back to dubai after cuti-cuti malaysia, i was immediately hit with a list of berbuka dates with our dubai friends. one of them is the iftar with the mcobs (malay college old boys) in dubai held at abang zaim’s house.

to abg zaim and kak rozina; thanks for hosting this scrumptious berbuka feast!



from left : rashdan v89 (green t), zaim v82, faisal shon v84, kay v96, hassanal v90, suhaimi v00


mr. khairul is really big on anything associated with his beloved school mckk, so iftar with his seniors here in dubai is really a must. this year they welcomed another addition to the pack – a junior from the class of 2000, suhaimi. welcome, bro!

mr. khairul, you’re no longer the *baby* of the group! haha.

on the other hand, we’re saddened by the news that hassanal and wife hazleen are leaving dubai for good – work commitment. farewell, dear friends. for mr. khairul and hassanal, they will always have the maroon tie that binds!



with kak muna & kak rozina


as for me, i’m so thankful to Allah for bestowing me the kind of friendship that we have; tempat bermanja and bergelak ketawa as i had just left malaysia and my loved ones.. sob sob. thanks kak muna and kak rozina, for your warmth and kindness!




note for self : taking pictures during berbuka is really impossible! you’re too busy filling your tummies! so all i’ve got are the ‘after’ pictures – plates nearly empty, bowls halfway rummaged. we had nasi putih with few lauks – i especially loved the tomyam! and we also had laksa – with homemade laksa noodle by abg zaim’s son! how cool is that?

delicious meal! alhamdulillah…



serious mode, focusing on the words of wisdom from the seniors…



…and yet, never forget to laugh!


the boys? they STILL talk about school. no matter how many hundred times they meet. even the wives were perplexed! oh well, let them be. till we meet for raya, brothers and sisters!


Affieza said...

Dah balik Dubai...tak raya kt Malaysia ke tahun ni???

Syigim said...

affieza, ye raya kat dubai tahun ni. cuma sempat puasa 2minggu kat msia :)

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