Monday, August 22, 2011

Buy Gold at Vending Machine? Only in Dubai!

vending machines dispense different stuff. vending machines for can drinks, snacks, tissue packets, top-up cards for hp, and even condoms - but this new one that we saw at dubai mall really takes the cake. we were very surprised! terkejut!

a vending machine - to buy gold. yeap. the GOLD ATM. the first gold vending machine in the world. only in dubai!

we were just walking in dubai mall after berbuka, and suddenly saw this huge gold-colored box in between the escalator. at first glance, we immediately saw the words, 'GOLD TO GO'.

does this atm really offer gold? just like that? at a shopping mall? is it a trustworthy source to purchase gold?

there's a small display window where you can see and choose the gold coins and pendant you want to buy. crazy! there's one with panda on it, one with a kangaroo, one with flower, and there's even with quranic ayat i think. awesome stuff. in just a vending machine.

a monitor shows the details of each coins or pendant. pricing of the gold is updated in real time. unbeliveable. ternganga tengok.

...and where was this ATM? right in between two escalators, in the middle of a busy dubai mall. just placed there like any other ATM for money. like my friend commented in this picture i put up on my facebook; in malaysia there are metal bars in between the teller and the buyer, but in this arab country, gold can be simply sold like packets of tissue - through a vending machine!

only in dubai!

click here for more info on this world's first gold vending machine.


amirah said...

hah...?? biar betul...dasatnya..

just another foodie said...

Hehe. I think the first one ever in UAE was at the Emirates Palace Hotel. Took a picture there acting like I was buying some gold :p

Syigim said...

>> amirah, kitorang pun mcm tak percaya je masa first time nampak.. hihi

>> just another foodie, i should've taken a picture there too! n i didnt

ezatms said...

This is new for me, thanks for sharing this post.

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