Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lessons Learned in the Past Decade

2000 – 2010.

a decade of many happy beginnings

a decade of few tearful goodbyes

10 years of tests and tribulations

10 years of mistakes made and lessons learned

* * *

i could say that the past 10 years were the most eventful of my life – happy at most, and sufferable at times. i finished my studies, got married, had kids, lost my mak – all within these 10 years. i could also say that i faced my biggest, most unbelievable challenge and dugaan within these 10 years – and that’s as far as i could go to share it!

let’s just say that i really truly believe the phrase, ‘ada hikmah di sebalik semua yang berlaku, baik atau buruk,’ – there’s a silver lining in everything. alhamdulillah, things worked out for the best.

here are a few thoughts i gathered along the way – syigim’s 11 thoughts for 2011 :

  1. the most important thing about past experiences is learning from them.
  2. you must remember to CHANGE for the better, or remember NEVER TO CHANGE to be like the people who wronged you.
  3. silence IS golden.
  4. forgive, but never let yourself forget, because you don’t want to repeat the same mistake.
  5. clichés that happened in malay drama or movie DO happen in real life.
  6. berani kerana benar is a very true saying.
  7. communicate with your partner. speak-up. share. debate. talk. nag, but learn to also laugh. hihi.
  8. losing trust is losing faith on people. trying to trust again is placing your faith in Allah that things will get better.
  9. hypocrites exist. you would be surprised where you found them.
  10. see things from your kids’ point of view. crawl on the carpet if you must!
  11. at the end of the day, you can always count on your family. and of course, Allah swt.

i pray to Allah to grant me and you another decade to experience life, and learn more lessons.

happy 2011.


adzsha said...


i_sofia said...

i like your 11 thoughts, and it is very true. happy 2011, syigim!

Syigim said...

>> lin, :D byk lagi sebenarnya hahaha..

>> sofia, 11 thoughts are NOT enough! ;) happy 2011~

Yuslinda said...

kak linda banyak belajar dari syigim...sayang syigim... :)

Mama Safiyyah said...

well spoken, syigim!

ICA said...

Amin, Syigim. Moga2 2011 will be a good year for us all. Happy New Year, my friend...

ps: I am back from my no-internet days....yeahoooo...

Pala Maldini said...


**nak tekan button "like" macam FB takde la pulak..

Syigim said...

>> kak linda, blajar pe? blajar merepek2 hihihii...

saaaaayang kak linda jgk! :)

>> yeen, thanks dear :) wanna hear YOUR 11 thoughts, maybe? ;)

Syigim said...

>> ica, welcome back dear! miss u lah! cpt blog byk2 :P

thanks for the wish. wishing u & ur beautiful family all the same :)

>> pala maldini, butang 'like' mcm facebook tu ade, kat bwh skali posting ni. cuba click ;) hihi

blackmountain said...

so true..all 11 of them! :D

as-salam syigim, turned out we're both 79'er..ahaks..but in terms of blogging seniority, mmg u kakak la :D

baca kat MBP u were an editor? utk apa tu ek? & betul ke u've retired?

Syigim said...

hi anis, (can i call u anis?) aiyak - sebaya akak2, ah! :P

yah i was an editor for business & edu mag for mid-east market. me retired? u mean from writing for MBP? yup! no time to write quality articles! :(

blackmountain said...

so, u still an editor or not? how did u become 1? i'm really interested bcoz kat FB i'm offering translation, proofreading & editing services tp no proper training..

btw, will miss u at MBP but coming here would be even better right? hehe kurang2nya kat blog more personal..

comelnyer ur sons..mine br 2, & hoping for a girl this year..
ahakss ngada2 tul sy ni :D

Syigim said...

camne jadi editor? i was just browsing thru jobstreet, & found an opening. i pun xde proper training. my degree is english lang & lit, masters in applied linguistics. that's my ticket i guess! :)

now of course la dah pencen hihi coz i'm now fulltime hsewife in dubai ;) but editorial ni not for me lah. it's more than just proofreading, kena gi kilang tgk mag, sit down ngan creative team smpai mlm buta.. byk keja sgt sgt. kalau bole i prefer to be just a columnist! :)

good luck in gettin-a-girl plan! hihi

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