Saturday, January 22, 2011

First Shower in Dubai for 2011

it finally rained in dubai!

well, actually there was a drizzle of rain one morning as i sent khaleef to his school bus, but that doesn’t really count because it’s just for few minutes and it’s just drizzling.

but that day – it REALLY rained. cats and dogs and camels!



 kahfi : mongolian sesat? haha


it was a weekend, and we were heading towards mall of emirates when it rained. and when we walked out, it was still raining – heavily. and from noon till the middle of the night, the rain did not look like it’s subsiding.

as usual, when it rains, certain parts of dubai will SURELY be flooded. dubai takde sistem perparitan tau! since they only receive rain about few days a year!



khaleef with his ateh


alhamdulillah, it was a smooth ride for us all the way from the mall to our home. it can be dangerous driving in dubai on a rainy day – because most of the locals are not used to driving on wet, slippery roads thus may be inept compared to normal days.

* * *

if you notice, there’s a new addition to our family starting last week. on the day we sent abah and umi to the airport for their flight back to malaysia, mr. khairul’s sister arrived from cairo, egypt. she’s spending her winter holiday here, and i’m sure look forward to have countless slumber parties with her nephews.

me? i’m counting the days when i can finally go out shopping by myself or watching movies at the cinema while leaving the kiddos with this bibik from cairo…


arin said...

itu la kan, waktu sekarang ni very unpredictable. tempat yg tak pernah banjir besar, sekali banjir gegila .

hati2 drive waktu ujan ya .

lina said...

syigim enjoy your day whereas u have bibik in the house...

Syigim said...

>> kak arin, negara arab ni jarang gile hujan, skali hujan - ade sekolah siap tutup, sbb cikgu susah nk gi skolah.. mcm2. over jgk lah! hihi

>> kak lina, i will! i will! :)

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