Saturday, January 8, 2011

Abah Datang Dubai!


at the time of writing my abah and umi are boarding MAS. destination, dubai – to visit his second daughter, son-in-law yang sama-sama mckk and his 3 naughty grandsons; khaleef, kahfi and kazim.

they will only be here for just 10 days, and i’m going to make the most of it! main request from abah – mandi rice (duuh, of course!) and roomali. click here to find out what is roomali. delicious!

another special request is for me to make him my nasi ayam!

i’m also anticipating few things i *requested* from umi – like minyak gamat, keropok ikan and lots more! i’ll save another posting for those treasured items hihi. thanks umi, for your thoughts and effort. tat nenas pun mungkin ada sekali kot. tak sabarnya. nyum nyum.



abah :)


currently dubai is enjoying cool cozy winter, so a lot of malaysians are having guests left and right. the weather is so lovely for a walkabout. what more since the dubai sales festival is about to start any day now!

can’t wait to bring you to all sorts of places, take tons of pictures and eat pounds of delicious food. safe journey abah, and we’re waiting here with open arms and empty tummies haha.


Pala Maldini said...


wah! you'll be their tourist guide for the 10 days!

Fairus Basir from The Juggling Queen said...

go syigim! missed u and the kids! missed dubai... have fun! and waiting for more postings.

Syigim said...

>> pala maldini, 10 days not enough! but better than nothing :)

>> fairus, miss u too! pls update your blog! i think i see a couple of spiders with their luggage dah start to move in! hihi...

ICA said...

Syigim, mmg 10 days not enough but even if your dad datang for 2-3 days pun rasa gumbira sangat kan. Enjoy the time u have with your dad & umi yaa.....

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