Friday, January 21, 2011

Bye Abah! Thanks Umi!


at the time of writing, abah and umi had flown back to malaysia after just 10 days hanging out at dubai marina. we didn’t jalan-jalan dubai that much, because abah just wanted to spend a super-leisurely time with his grandsons khaleef, kahfi and kazim.

besides, he’s been here more than 4 times already – so he knows what it’s about! hihi.



thanks to mr. khairul for being the designated driver, and treating abah for few delicious makan-makan around dubai.

thanks to umi, for bringing all those helpful kitchen stuff, which includes the highly anticipated keropok ikan, and tat nenas!

thanks to abah, for many simple lunch treats – simple because every now and then abah would just buy kfc, or pizza and brought it to our home for a lepak lunch (abah penat malas nak keluar for makan-makan la tu hihi) – and for coming over to spend time with us.

there’s already talk (yay!) about abah bringing over the rest of my sisters and their family over to dubai – maybe end of 2011, or around this time 2012? insyaAllah!

* * *

your dubai grandsons are already missing you, atok!


lina said...

syigim - seronok kan bila parents kita ada rasa sunyi bila time dia org dh nak balik :)

paish said...

lot's of something which can't be found in KFC..he3.

Pala Maldini said...


Syigim said...

>> kak lina, mmg best! :)

>> paish, teringat kat kfc lagi... hihi

>> pala maldini, nak "like" jugak! :)

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