Monday, January 31, 2011

Khaleef’s Sports Day : Go Team Green!

a proud moment for any parents – their kids’ first ever sports day! we woke up early morning, dressed khaleef up in GREEN, and his brothers too. go green team!



yes,  believe it this was the BEST shot we could get on that day. kahfi was still in *playful-i-want-to-run-across-the-field* mode, while kazim was very attracted to khaleef mickey mouse cap! credit to my sis-in-law teh for this rare family shot


* * *



 don’t be deceived by khaleef’s apparent stance of standing very straight. this was the ONLY time he was standing straight. other times he’d be jumping and making silly movements – basically being a hyper little clown!


as usual, there are four teams; green, yellow, blue and red. khaleef is in the green team! go go green team!

when i was in primary school, i was in green team too! korang? how about secondary school? i was in methodist school, and the sports teams are called nightingale (yellow), victoria (green), cavel (red), and crosby (blue) – these are all names of famous women who has contributed greatly to humanity. i was in the yellow team.

mr. khairul was in red house. the sport houses are named sulaiman (red), idris (white), ahmad (black), and mohammad shah (yellow) in his school malay college kuala kangsar. my abah was in sulaiman house too. red. tak geng lah with me and khaleef! hihi.




games played :

  1. stacking up big lego blocks
  2. put water in pail using a cup
  3. throw little bean pouch into basket
  4. walk with ping pong ball in spoon

man, i think even i played these games when i was in kindergarten! they’re as old as time! haha. can’t they invent new games? however, i have no real complaints – these games are still as fun as they were back then when i played them!

bawak bola ping pong dalam sudu pun jadilah! hihi.



how khaleef fared in each game :

  1. stacking up big lego blocks ~ khaleef was the one who didn’t put the lego block properly! haha. he caused the whole stack to tumble down. ouch! hihi.
  2. put water in pail using a cup ~ oh, he was fast in this one! i like it. careful not to spill, but fast!
  3. throw little bean pouch into basket ~ he got it in in one try! well done, khaleef!
  4. walk with ping pong ball in spoon ~ most kids either walked super slow to not drop it, or hold it ALL the way, which is cheating! hahaha. khaleef tried to do his best, and he only held on to the ping pong ball as he reached his teammate. hihi.



 go green team! ashton, khaleef, keille, joanna & zainab

speaking of teammates, khaleef is teamed up with his best friends ashton (the indian kid standing behind him), and the super-cute keille (pronounced ‘kill’, from the philippines). he always mentioned the names of these two classmates, and that day i finally got to meet them. *smile*

in fact, khaleef looked so at ease with keille *wink wink*. haha, so cute lah to see them together!



they even held hands while waiting for a game to start. hihi. (tapi mamat team kuning tu macam tak puas hati je dengan khaleef! hihi)


* * *


 khaleef with his medal


at the end of the day, everyone left a winner, with a ‘gold’ medal each. noone felt bad that they didn’t do well, and noone felt left out without a bigger present or anything. they’re just a bunch of 3-4-5 year olds please! it’s all about FUN!




my sister-in-law, mr.khairul and i seemed to be the only ones cheering on our side of the field. really. we were shouting and cheering and supporting like desperate cheerleaders on auditions! mr. khairul even remarked how sorry he was for the mommies next to us – kesian, sure suara kitorang jerit-jerit termasuk dalam video diorang! hihi.

all in all – we had super FUN!

the games were fun and easy for the kids, the teachers organized the students really well because everyone waited for their turn in an orderly manner, and the transitions between classes to the four ‘game stations’ were made smoothly. kudos to the teachers of foundation stage 2!

till next sports day!


amirah said...

the pic yg mamat team kuning tu tak puas hati tu kelakar..!!hehe..cmne pun mmng nmpk fun

i amsterdam said...

Siap pegang2 tangan... my son dari dulu hingga sekarang(8 thn) tak berkawan dgn pompuan.. jadi jgn harap nak pegang tangan!!! Jgn esok2 tak sabar2 nak kawin dah la :D

Syigim said...

>> amirah, masa amik gamba tu xperasan, bila blk rumah tgk balik gamba tu br notice ade cerita pulak dlm gamba tu! hihi

>> i_amsterdam, amboi, pemalu ye ur son...hopefully khaleef is not 'forward' with the girls when he's older! yikes! hihi

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