Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chicken Rice For Abah

you’re probably used to cooking for your parents. what’s the big deal kan? but i’m not a good cook, and when i was younger, i hardly cook for my parents. so when i cook chicken rice for my abah who’s in dubai now, it IS a big deal.

you’d think that having 5 daughters, abah has 5 extra cooks in the house. well, in truth, masa mak ada lagi, mak is THE cook. she made everything, and always tastes so yummy. us girls, we just helped out here and there; most of the time standing on the side sharing stories of the day with her, and she loved hearing them while giving comments and occasional advice – all while whipping up fantabulous dishes.


okay in short, when i was younger, i don’t cook much for abah. now’s the time to make up for it! so since abah is in dubai, i cook my nasi ayam for him, and very proud of it. *smile*




i started making the soup, rice and sauces when abah and umi came, just in time for me to fry the chicken. piping hot and fresh from the stove!



* * *




for a man of few words, that was enough for me. a short expression, but it means the world. *sengih lagi besar* the fact that he had a few more helpings and grabbed a few more chicken made it more satisfying to cook for abah. later on abah even said he won’t be eating dinner, kenyang dah! umi also had a few helpings, and said that everything looked nice and tasted delicious.

my pleasure!




as usual, when atuk is around, (or even mr. khairul’s parents), khaleef will show his mengada side. that was him fresh from school, and refusing to eat - “i don’t want orange rice. i want white rice.” hmmph! after atuk pujuk, he finally tried a little bit, and ended up having two servings of chicken rice.

tadi jual mahal – wek! hihi.

* * *

my chicken rice is the simplest on the planet, but if you would like my humble recipe, click here.


Nadiah Sidek said...

bila syigim nak buat nasi ayam utk kite pulak? :p

Nora said...

saya pun sampai anak dah 3, masih stay dengan mak, jadi most of the time masak mestilah mak yang paling terer. kita mostly jadik helper jek :)

arin said...

nice .. :)
mmg cucu-cucu cam gini kot ya. depan atok semua tunjuk peel sebeno. saja je nak test kita. :)

paish said...

arwah abah saya said 'sedap' even sambal cili padi tu rentung gile.he3

amirah said...

tempting..!!adoi..lapo..lambat lagi ;lunch

Syigim said...

>> nadiah, eh kan smlm dah suap dah. nak lagi sepinggan? ;)

>> nora, bestnye mak u dpt duk ngan cucu2 :) mmg masakan mak sentiasa yg paling best kan? :)

Syigim said...

>> kak arin, ye mmg depan atok semua mengada manja budak busuk suma klua hihi dah elok2 bole suap sendiri kalo sorang2, bila opah ade, tak reti pulak! :P

>> paish, sebak baca komen paish. so sweet :) saya dulu pun, teringat buat muffin banana xjadi tapi arwah mak je yg sanggup makan :)

Syigim said...

>> amirah, kat msia senang je...pegi foodcourt mana2 ade je jual nasi ayam... hihi. sini kena masak sendiri :)

wawa said...

huhu dari mesia sampai ke dubai semmua pakat masak nasi ayam ehhee

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