Saturday, January 29, 2011

Erupt in Egypt : Syukur My Sis-in-law in Dubai!

what’s the conflict?

president of egypt is hosni mubarak. the 82-year old dude has been in power for 30 years. The problem is, the people of egypt does not want mubarak. but mubarak stubbornly wants to cling to power. even after 4 days of violent protest, dengan selambanya he announced sacking of cabinet ministers, but showing NO reaction or action the what the people really want – for him to step down!

"It was never about the government, by God. It is you (Mubarak) who has to go! What you have done to the people is enough!" said one protester.

source : gulfnews.


  • peaceful demonstration that turned ugly
  • 150 people killed, more wounded
  • police station burnt
  • soldiers roamed the streets
  • curfew set, but defied when people still go out
  • looting – youth gangs break into luxury houses, supermarkets since police have disappeared!
  • some even went as far as trying to steal the valuable artefacts inside the cairo museum; including the golden mask of king tut. luckily some young egyptians managed to barricade the compound, and saved their heritage from these opportunist-looters
  • internet connection was blocked, and phone lines cut. i read in one blog that a family tried for more than 2 days to contact a loved one but failed ~ i hope our malaysian brothers and sisters are safe!
  • thousands prisoners escaped from prison
  • 19 private jets carrying wealthy egyptians and arab businessmen have fled with their money. destination? katanya dubai!


i was watching the LIVE coverage by al-jazeera on this devastating conflict – the angry citizens of egypt like ants at tahrir square cairo, walking here and there despite the curfew stated. kalau ade curfew tapi keluar jugak, bukan kena tembak ke? but i guess they didn’t come up 8-10 people – more of hundreds and thousands. who’s gonna shoot them then?

i have to admit, i’m following this conflict closely more so because my sister in law is currently doing dentistry in al-azhar university. alhamdulillah she’s NOT there right now, she’s right here in dubai, spending winter holiday with her brother and nephews.

at the time of writing, everyone is advising her to stay put, and not go back to egypt until this matter blows over. she’s thankful of course that her brother managed to have the foresight to bring her here, but she’s still very worried about the fate of her friends over in cairo.

harap semuanya selamat, insyaAllah.

* * *

this uproar in egypt is said to be inspired from the civilian’s overthrow of tunisia’s president not to long ago. i hope this is not a wave that will catch on to a few more countries!

in the meantime, khaleef, kahfi and kazim will have their ateh for more weeks than they expect!


i amsterdam said...

Hopefully it's not going to get worse. We have lots of students there. A friend's son is there too. He's been there for only a few months I think, doing medicine. Hope he's ok. Thankful that yr sis is in Dubai!!

diyana anwar said...

no more to add. no more to say. all has been brilliantly said here. thanks kak syigim! just pray for all to be safe. :(

Unknown said...

My friend msg me just now, asking to prayed for his wife over there. She's doing medicine and now, he felt so helpless coz can't protect his wife.

cian plak bler baca msg dier td. hopefully everything will be orite soon.

lina said...

salam syigim - my husband friend still there....tak dpt balik...they said got problem...kita semua buat solat hajat supaya dia orang semua selamat

Anonymous said...

sapa yg mau pegi mandi laut mati, sila tahan dulu..tunda pada tahun hadapan.

salam ikhlas.

transformed housewife said...

hopefully they'll be safe.

Pala Maldini said...

saspen juga lah.. takut ada yang cuba ambil kesempatan..

amirah said...

mendoakan semoga yg tak bersalah diselamatkan..

Syigim said...

>> i_amsterdam, kesiannya! br few months kat sana dah jadi benda ni ye. hopefully he's fine & in safe company.

>> teh, ameen.

Syigim said...

>> kambing bujang, so sad! husband n wife terpisah in this difficult situation! harap2 dpt contact n always know that she's fine. that's the least he could do for now.

>> kak lina, my cousin is still there. alhmdulillah my pakcik dpt contact, & he's fine.

Syigim said...

>> anon, takpe terima kasih. buat masa ni saya tak rasa nak pegi laut mati pun :P

>> kak nur, yes. serah pada Allah.

Syigim said...

>> pala maldini, mmg ramai sgt pun yg dah amik kesempatan. curi, pecah masuk rumah tu berleluasa sbb xde polis, dah la banduan pun beribu2 yg terlepas!


>> amirah, ni memang dugaan Allah utk diorang. moga diorang kuat!

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