Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rock Concert, Anyone? Guns N’ Roses?

at the time of writing, mr. khairul is probably banging his head to the tune of ‘knockin on heaven’s door’ at yas arena, abu dhabi. yeap, guns n’ roses in concert tonight!

for weeks, all i can hear from his notebook were clips upon clips of guns n roses videos on youtube. he was so excited about it, especially since he had seen the guys in action while in the states, almost 8-9 years ago. he would hum, sing (badly, i must add! hihi) and oh no – make guitar-playing action with his fingers.

yes, this is a father of three. sheesh.

never knew i had married a mat rock!




me, i’m more of a theatre kind of person. suka sangat tengok teater. the first big theatre show that i watched was way back in 1995 – the staging of shakespeare’s ‘twelfth night’ by the instant cafe theatre at carcosa seri negara. click here for my theatre tales.

i watched a lot of theatre during my college years (zaman bujang hihi), circa 1997 – 2002, i even caught a few theatre performances while in melbourne. after marriage with kiddos, we had to find time to drop them at my aunt’s place to be able to watch a decent show!

i have yet to catch any theatre show here in dubai, which is a shame because dubai is such a cultural place. also, it’s kinda frowned-upon if you bring 3 boys – all under the age of 5 – to a shakespeare’s play!


small gigs featuring so-called real rap groups tu biase lah masa remaja dulu. haha. yo! yo! and small showcases at planet hollywood with anuar zain, innuendo, VE – yes – but the only big concert i’ve been to was that ‘tangan’ concert in genting – remember the concert, anyone? the big concert featured many big names including sheila majid, backstreet boys, innuendo, anuar zain, and also my beloved group of all time; boyz II men. man, that was a heckuva concert. just look at the line-up!

(thanks honey, for the memories – boyz II men LIVE!)

so which ones do you prefer? CONCERT or THEATER SHOWS? *wink*

* * *

mr. khairul went along with 4 other dudes from dubai, and meeting up with another 10-15 dudes from abu dhabi. semua bapak-bapak budak.

rock punya pasal! *enjoice*!


Sitisifir10 said...

ish ish...masuk blog ni rasa laparnye...dari atas sampai ke bawah gambo makanan...ehehehe....lapar lapar

The Juggling Queen said...

me? I am a theater kind of person. Even been in one as the support actor je.. (masa zaman2 bujang dulu la..)

anyway, if I were given a chance to go to a concert, I definitely would say yes. My 1st concert I went, was Celine Dion in Dubai, few years back. Got a free ticket in a lucky draw. (klu tak, hampeh la nak pegi)

Fara said...

fuyooa rock star father hehe.. for me i can go with both, concert and theater. tp lg cepat tertido bile tgk theater hik hik

Liz Rohaizat said...

i love both. teater pun boleh enjoy kalau kena dengan jalan ceritanya. concert mmg best! saya peminat rock music tp x pernah pergi rock concert. isk...

Syigim said...

>> sitisifir, jemput la menjamu mata ;)

>> fairus, if only we both could just leave the kids n watch one nice theater together in dubai..

celine dion! woohoo ;)

Syigim said...

>> fara, mlm tadi je tiba2 jadi papa rock! ;)

theater or movie kalo boring mmg bole theater ni LIVE show, most of it mmg best! :)

>> liz, amboi mama rock rupanye hihi ;)

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