Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kahfi is 2wo

my second son kahfi celebrates his 2nd birthday today. all praise to Allah for bestowing upon us this wonderful delight. kahfi was born in the wee hours of the day, in dubai hospital, dubai, united arab emirates.





day one


there’s no doubt about it. kahfi is MUCH naughtier than his elder brother when he was this age. he’s stubborn, he’s temperamental, and he’s very demanding. i would say he has a very strong character. he wants what he wants and he wants it NOW.

HOWEVER, this birthday boy has a few feathers on his hat :

  1. VERY helpful in putting things back where they belong – like his books, shoes and toys
  2. he loves his little brother very much – if he were running while playing and passed by his bro, he would stop and give him a kiss
  3. he eats a lot – and not as picky as his brother (or mak! hihi)
  4. naps easily – a hot bottle of milk, switch on his favorite show – and a few minutes later – zzz land!
  5. …and when he smiles… it melts hearts!


3 months & 5 months


11 months & 1 year old


17 months


19 months


happy birthday to my most comot & cheeky boy, KAHFI. all our love ~ bapak, mak, abang long and baby kazim.


amirah said...

happy sweet 2nd birthday kahfi...

Fara said...

happy birthday kahfi ;)

adzsha said...

happy birthday kahfi!!! be a good boy ok..naughty2 skit takpe..much love, hugs n kisses from aunty lin n Haffiy!

arin said...

happy birthday bakal menantu! :)

firahadifa said...

comelnyerr anak u nie.. apa perasaan ade 3 hero ? .. i yg baru ade 1 nie pon dah sakit2 badan dibuatnya..

happy birthday kahfi..

Affieza said...

Happy Birthday Sweet 2th for Kahfi...

i_sofia said...

Happy Birthday Kahfi.

Syigim said...

thanks everyone!!!! :D

>> lin, on his bday pun he was still very very naughty! expect this to continue! :P

>> firahadifa, kahfi sorang pun dah mcm jaga 3 boys! very naughty! :P

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