Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy 39th National Day, UAE

abu dhabi, dubai, sharjah, ras al-khaimah, fujairah, ajman and umm al-quwain – seven emirates were united under the name ‘united arab emirates’ (UAE) on this day, 39 years ago.

today, the emiratis celebrate their country’s national day in splashes of red, black, white and green – the colors of the UAE flag. passing the crowd from our car, we could see the emiratis their usual white kandoora for the men, and ladies wearing black abaya.

most of them proudly wear the flag on their shoulder or wrapped around their neck. some even wear the flag as tudung!



khaleef against the uae flag


we had lunch, and stopped by the dubai court (no official business!), parked our car there – because we thought of walking along the creek bank, watching the boats pass by while enjoying the festivity of uae’s national day.

turned out the gates are close, and to go out to the creek we had to walk a LONG way – so we walked back to the car! hihi. we went back home, and decided to go out later tonight to the walk at jumeirah beach residence (jbr) instead, to check out the expected line of power cars decorated in the colors of the uae flag.

quite a malas day for us!

* * *

check out the pictures featured in gulfnews dot com of the national day celebration all over the nation. my favorite is the one with the dude holding the uae flag, silhouetted against the setting sun. gorgeous!


traditional dance troupe performs song and dance for the UAE national day celebration held at zayed university, abu dhabi


dubai’s atlantis on the palm jumeirah island, visible from our rooftop


this is actually someone’s house. yes, look at how she decorates her front lawn? with that extremely long, flowing flag flowing from the 1st floor, down to the mini garden with little flags popping out from the ground! kita nak letak satu jalur gemilang pun susah ye? hihi


students handed out national day gifts to police officers (yes, police in uae wear military green uniform!)


wow. my favorite shot!


emirati children present a gift to ruler of dubai (vice president of uae) shaikh mohammad bin rashid al maktoum (in blue) to commemorate 39 years of the UAE


of course, the main celebration at the nation’s pride – burj khalifa, world’s tallest building


emirati teens in festively decorated cars. MOST cars will be decorative – stickers, ribbons of the uae colors, pom poms, feathers and flags. night time especially is the time they honk their way on strategic locations to ‘display’ their creative work


* * *

well, happy national day, uae! thanks for having us as guests, with 2 of our boys being born on uae soil!

more pictures here.


amirah said...

nice that someone's house?mak oi..dah macam istana dah. besar giler ok.

Syigim said...

amirah, tu pun kecik tu. ade byk lagi rumah2 yg dah macam istana kat sini! duit nak buat pagar dia je dah bole beli satu lagi rumah kot! ;)

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