Friday, December 10, 2010

Exotic Names of Khaleef’s Classmates

just got a memo on the ‘parent consultation day’ for end of term. parents were given the date, and specific time to meet the teacher. the kids were divided into slots, and we have to come at a specific hour of our kid’s slot.

along with the memo is a list of students in khaleef’s class, so that parents can see which slot their kid is in. i ran through the list and had fun reading the names of khaleef’s classmates, and trying to pronounce them right.

oh my, look at their beautifully exotic names!

  1. Ethan Mark Dennis Mendonca
  2. Lyon Andres Dabu Tadeo
  3. Aanya Jyotsna Jaiswal
  4. Zoha Farooq
  5. Iwo Labeeb Skalski
  6. Hiba Hassan Abdelmoniem
  7. Zairylle Keille Alcantara Mendoza
  8. Alyssa Chantelle Dsouza
  9. Muhammad Nihal Siddiqui
  10. Farhat Elahi

…and a few more! from the list, i can truly say, khaleef’s name is one of the shortest - ‘Khaleef Khairul’. the other one short name would be ‘Alya Wafi’ – cute je kan.

i wish i knew which country they’re from…

also, it seems that little miss ‘nur ain sakina’ (i once wrote that i notice this name among khaleef’s classmates, and thought she must be a malaysian) is in the same slot as khaleef. she’s the only one whose name ‘sounds’ malaysian! or maybe a singaporean, huh? hihi. too bad her name wasn’t printed with her dad’s. mane tau, mr. khairul kenal bapaknye.

anyway, since we’re in the same slot, i am hoping to bump into her parents this coming saturday during the ‘parent consultation day’. yes, call me beria-ia or what – but here in dubai, i’m excited to meet another malaysian parents, especially since their kid is in the same class as my son.

last time we had afza and aida’s daughter alya schooling here – but they left dubai for good last year. we also had fairus’s girl tini schooling here – but she also left for good few months back. then there’s fida’s daughter fatin amily – but she changed to a school closer to home! isk isk.

that’s why i’m really looking forward to meet another malaysian family whose kid goes to the same school AND class as mine! it’s just that sometimes there are malaysians who don’t even want to smile back when we see them…

but i’ll save THAT topic for another posting, yah? *wink*


Pala Maldini said...

and "Khaleef" do sounds like "arabian".. possibly they thought he's arabian, kot?

arin said...

khaleef cuti panjang tak xmas ni?

amirah said...

berbelit2 nak sebut nama kawan2 khaleef ni..

Syigim said...

>> pala maldini, betul jgk kan, especially since the ruler of UAE pun nama Khalifa ;)

>> amirah, tu la nama diorang belit2 tp unik! :)

Syigim said...

kak arin, khaleef start cuti xmas lama, from 20th smpai new year. xplan lagi cuti2 ni. ingat nak gi zoo sebab kahfi xpenah gi zoo lagi. skang weather pun tgh sejuk :)

arin said...

tuh la syigim, my nephews and niece balik sini.coz cuti panjang.
bawak la depa gie tempat ala2 aquaria.sana ada tak gitu?kalau zoo sian lak kazim. kot tak tahan sejuk.

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