Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nasi Dagang @ Eiyda & Nik’s

i don’t really like nasi dagang, but in dubai – far from burger ramly, satay kajang or nasi lemak antarabangsa – any malaysian dish is to die for. also, especially since dubai’s beloved kelantanese couple abe nik and eiyda is hosting!

when they extend an invitation to their house, you know you’re getting a delicious nasi dagang dish. asli. no doubt. kat dubai ni, rumah diorang je bole dapat nasi dagang!

and this time around, i was so excited looking at the yummy delights set on the table : there’s the highly anticipated nasi dagang, there’s my favorite spaghetti, there’s even laksa, and on top of that, bihun sup!

it’s like a malaysian food-fest over at their house!


*pictures are from google – was too excited to snap any food pictures!

* * *

the makan-makan was actually to celebrate their children’s birthdays – 7 year old arieq, and 3 year old syarafina, who is as cute as a button!



this is khaleef with syarafina. so cute! amacam eiyda, bole? hihi.



the hostess eiyda (black tudung) preparing to cut the second cake for her only son, arieq who turned 7. khaleef was not in the picture because merajuk. after the kiddos sang happy birthday, he was the one who blew out all the candles! when everyone teased him, he nearly cried, merajuk and refused to be in any of the pictures!



bapak-bapak orang bergosip : abg affandy, abg zaim, mr. khairul, abg mahadi, abe nik on the couch, abe janggut ni tak kenal nama la, next is abg nazli, and abg botak ni pun tak perasan nama/rupa



me me me, kak riri, kak rozi with kak syida on the couch, kak su & kak ina : the babies are super cute! indeed makan-makan like this strengthen bonds of friendship as we gather over good food and loud laughters and noisy chattering!

* * *

thanks abe nik and eiyda for having us. it was a lovely lunch and we left with full tummy! tambah banyak kali tu! well, we don’t know how long will it be until the next nasi dagang!


Fara said...

gambar yg sgt menyelerakan! at least u feel a bit like in malaysia hehe

Syigim said...

fara, betul! tu yg suka pegi rumah org yg pandai masak makanan msia ni :)

Anonymous said...

Aslmkm Syigim.
Inilah yang paling best bila kita duduk overseas ... Malaysians just gel!
Nostalgia la pulak - masa duduk di US adalah antara yang terbaik.

Pala Maldini said...

Aisey.. harus aku ke pasar malam esok untuk cari nasi dagang nih..

Syigim said...

>> kak G, w'salam. alhamdulillah msians in dubai mesra2 & xsombong. kak G penah stay di US ye?

>> pala maldini, aku mmg xbrape minat nasi dagang. tapi eiyda n nik buat ni mmg sedap.:)

kalo nasi, i prefer nasi tomato! ;)

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