Sunday, December 12, 2010

Expats in Dubai, Register ID Already?

i don’t have an ID card, and the due date is 31st december!

people, if you’re over 15 year old living in dubai – pay attention. go to a typing center, pre-register, wait for sms, and complete your registration – you got yourself an ID. so far i only have a health card (excellent for getting free/cheap service at government clinics/hospitals).

click here for list of any 700 typing centers around the country.

however, interestingly enough, EIDA (emirates identity authority) revealed that :

  1. by july 2010, around 6 million expats have not registered (gile ramai!)
  2. all probably could not be registered by 31st december due date (termasuk la aku kot hihi)
  3. *most* emiratis had already registered (you mean, you can’t get your own ppl to register?)
  4. no decision yet to take action against those who have not yet registered


HOW : anyway, registration for ID seemed simple enough – in two steps :

  1. do a pre-registration process at any certified typing center (fill in application form, scan documents & pay fee)
  2. receive appointment via sms to complete registration at EIDA centers (fingerprinting, photographing & signature)

so basically you got to pre-register, then wait for an appointment to complete the registration. your card will be couriered to you within a month. tapi banyak kerja kan kena pergi 2 tempat.

WHAT DO YOU NEED? for us residents and expats in dubai, prepare these items :

  • original valid passport.
  • valid residency permit.
  • only for children below 15 years old: colored passport-size photo with light blue background.
  • registration fees: AED 100 per year.
  • service fees: AED 70.

EXTRA : important notes :

  • registration fees of children below 15 (all nationalities) is AED 50 in addition to AED 70 as service fees.
  • the customer is not required to attend to the typing center himself, (so mr. khairul can register for me here) but he/she must visit the registration center him/herself to finalize ID registration procedures (photographing + fingerprinting).
  • people over 15 must bring the typing center receipt together with the original passport.
  • the customer must wear the official uniform of his/her homeland (so baju melayu and baju kurung?)


more on this featured in gulfnews, click here. also, this straightforward clear-cut Q&A on ID, click here.

on the other hand, it’s stated in gulfnews that, “for those expatriates who have obtained the ID card, there is little need to produce it as most government services do not require it.”

hmm. any malaysians in dubai dah buat ID?


Liz Rohaizat said...

dah berapa lama akak duduk sana?

Syigim said...

liz, kami sefamily dah duduk sini baru 2yrs+.. xtau la sampai bila.. hihi

Affieza said...

Abs tu sblm ni akak stay kat Dubai tak guna ID ke??

Syigim said...

haha affieza, kak bukan pendatang ok! hihihi... sblom ni kalo ade resident visa dah ok. ;)

The Juggling Queen said...

hi syigim, we meet again. Fisrt of all I missed u and the kids. how r u guys?

So, I ade tau Id emirates tu. Fadzil beratus pukul 3 pagi, sebab ramai giler org nak catch up buat ID before closing date. Once he got the number, I drove from my house, dgn sarat pregnant Falisha, beratur tunggu turn nak buat ID. Seminggu lepas tu, i beranak. sipi-sii je lagi. Lambat sikit I rase beranak kat situ kot.

isabelle said...

kat sana yg illegal punye xde ekk?
ke ala2 x suci mcm kat mesia pun ada gak?

Syigim said...

>> welcome back! i miss u lots too! cepat2 blog balik!

wow, u managed to make the ID card ye, even before deliver falisha! ntah la skang kecoh je psl ID tu, tp byk sgt jugak articles bout uselessness of ID, n susah gile nk buat, byk hassle..

>> isabelle, sini illegal ade jgk..

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