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Shrimp and More Shrimp @ Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, The Curve

if you haven’t watched ‘forrest gump’, where have you been? neptune? this popular seafood spot ‘bubba gump shrimp co.’ is inspired from that oscar-winning movie ‘forrest gump’ – where one scene is all about forrest listening to his soldier bff bubba’s listing out all kinds of shrimp there ever was.

welcome to ‘bubba gump shrimp co’! I went with abah, umi, my sisters and their family to the one at the curve, since we were staying at the royale bintang the curve for the weekend.

I don’t really like shrimp, so ‘bubba gump SHRIMP co’ was not always my choice of makan place. but the rest of my family loves it, so this was my first time at ‘bubba gump shrimp co’ and was anticipating delicious seafood!



this bucket was on the table. a bucket with tissue rolls. adorable!



we got a place outside. windy. breezy. and tak rimas sangat!



like in chillis or tgif, kids get coloring and activity paper which I always appreciate. fill their time! that ‘metal plate number’ next to khaleef is really interesting – if you need assistance or extra tissue or fork spoon from the waiter, you flip the sign to RED which says ‘stop forrest stop’, and when you’re fine and don’t need anything, flip it back to BLUE – ‘run forrest run’. cute!


* * *



‘captain’s fish & chips – traditionally battered fillet’


since I’m not much of shrimp fan, I was looking forward to enjoy something else; like this delicious plate of fish and chips, ‘captain’s fish & chips – traditionally battered fillet’.

I really love battered fillet fish, rather than fish covered in bread crumbs. it’s nicely fried – crispy batter on the outside and soft fish flesh on the inside. I’m a big fan of coleslaw, and the coleslaw and tartar sauce here were delicious. I would order this again the next time I’m at ‘bubba gump shrimp co’.

the presentation is also very lepak!



‘shrimper’s heaven’


this uniquely presented little shrimp buffet is called ‘shrimper’s heaven’ because it consisted 4 different types of shrimp cooking – hand breaded coconut shrimp (the one on the left), garlic shrimp, fried shrimp and tempura shrimp. served with 4 dips – tangy asian, cajun, marmalade and zesty cocktail.

I tried the coconut shrimp and tempura. the tempura prawn was delicious and not too oily. the coconut shrimp is surprisingly tasty too and I really like the crispy crunchy texture.

also it’s awesome that the shrimps sit on these cones stand. truly a crazy platter for shrimp-freaks!



‘fish with lobster butter sauce’


this is delicious. the fish is tender, and the the lobster butter sauce is just wow. went perfectly salty with the fish. I LOVED it!

it’s actually ‘pan seared fish fillet laid over mashed potato and veggies, served with lobster butter sauce’. if I went on a second trip to bubba gump shrimp co, I would order this one again too!



bubba’s ‘after the storm’ bucket of boat trash


this dish has the cutest name! ‘bubba’s after the storm bucket of boat trash’ – hillarious! unfortunately this was my least-favorite dish for that day. it’s still good, but the other dishes were better.

it’s got ‘flash fried shrimp, lobster tail, and fish fillet with cajun spices’.

though I quite like the lobster tail (simply because it’s very very rare that I eat lobster) I find the other stuff on the plate too dry.



lobster linguini


this was a plate of ‘linguini, slipper lobster, and broccoli tossed in a special lobster butter sauce’. linguini is the thin pasta like spaghetti but much thinner closer to bihun kan. I enjoyed eating this along with the other fish that I took from other dishes. I love the contrast of the texture – soft mush of the linguini alongside crispy batter of fish from my fish & chips plate.



* * *


we actually ordered a couple of different dishes to be shared. I absolutely LOVED it because everyone gets to try many different types of dishes together. so basically all of us took a bite of every single stuff up there. haha. nyum.

alhamdulillah! my verdict is, from NOT-fan of shrimp, the food at bubba gump shrimp co. is delicious! a bit pricey, so share lah better kan!


* * *





nways, enjoy this clip taken from the awesome movie ‘forrest gump’ – the part where forrest joins the army, meets bubba, and bubba starts listing out all kinds of shrimp in existance. hihi. love it.


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